Timber wise it's all systems go now for the roof framing, but...one thing always leads to another!
Before I can get under way with it, the temporary roofing has to come off and the scaffolding raised up another level.
Before I can get underway with that, the sealing of the limestone needs to be finished!
Before I could get underway with that,  the cleaning and sanding of it had to be finished. Fortunately now, that was knocked over this morning.
To prevent the sealer, the first coat which is 'flood coated' on, from running all over the bluestone, I improvised this method of keeping it contained, using thin ply and strips of sponge.  It's not totally foolproof, but the odd dribble is easily removed with a blast of compressed air. Leaving the joints raked out, with the tuckpointing to be done later, has helped with this considerably.
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Another view of the basalt rock formations at Reynisfjara, in Southern Iceland.

Monday mornings are the first day of a big week!

Cherry blossom outline by @austin.adamson333

Pentridge Prison Roses 🥀
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