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{s3 bloopers}
i love love love this smmm

To all my snowbert shippers: I'm so sorry πŸ˜… and don't get me wrong, I love this ship ❀️

Finale and here's the whole series!! Yay I'm pretty proud of this πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

(3.02 "paradox")

I made/am making four snowbarry edits!!!! Including this one lol. I miss this ship

Hello my first day back to school SUCKED

I suck at posting ughhh but I feel so crappy. I'm anxious and sick and stressed and PMSing and school starts soon I want to die

Whyyyyy is @t22felton not a series regular anymore??? 😭😫

Flash cast at #wbsdcc ❀️⚑️

Flash Cast at #wbsdcc ❀️⚑️ signing- with some screenshots from the warner bros snapchat! The ones of Danielle are from after the crowd screamed because grant waved πŸ˜‚

Anyone reading/read the throne of glass series? I just finished queen of shadows. So good

"My future isn't the only one we need to change" ❄️❣️

Cisco row is on hold because I need to post a snow west rowπŸ’ž a couple things: 1) Happy Wedding Day to Danielle and Happy Birthday Candice!!! Ily both so much and I need all the wedding pics and birthday posts... 2) I'm so proud of this fandom for celebrating both of these amazing women today instead of comparing them to each other. it's really awesome 3) We. Need. More. Snow. West. Scenes. In. Season. Four. I knew this beforehand but looking for pics of them together was hard because there's barely any moments between them!! And like we should change that?!? Let's let them have conversations with each other and go on adventures and kick ass together bc this could be a high quality female friendship??? Cait is prob going to be Iris' made of honor because she doesn't have any other female friends but they've had less than 20 min of shared screen time, just the two of them, in 3 seasonsπŸ˜‚

(I know I don't really ship westallen but I needed it for the parallel okay) 2 proposals πŸ’žNgl, I cried during Running Home To You because I want Grant to sing to me like that (who doesn't) and HOW LUCKY IS CANDICE SHE GOT SERENADED BY GRANT, JESSE L MARTIN, AND VICTOR GARBER IN ONE EPISODE

Last post of Candice row ✨ I'm taking the ACT tomorrow ew ew ew

Just watched Hidden Figures and so much black girl magic 😍

CANDICE PATTON APPRECIATION POST ⚑️ I'm so in love with this photo shoot

These four are the biggest reasons I watch the show tbh

Cait's Boys πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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