my gram looked pretty plain with all the strict work here's a little something to freshen up the gram #calisthenics #gym #freestyle #barstars

First the two-handed L-sit, now I'm starting to get the one-handed. #thenx #calisthenics #fitness #bodyweight #nogym #barstars @chrisheria let me know when I can get your autograph.

#MoetChandonIceImperial#Barstars#РесторанКазбек Рабочие Будни закончитесь уже😜🔥👍

Loving my passion fruit beerarita! I can see why it won #peopleschoiceaward @assemblyrow #barstars and sharing it with my brother who won the cocktail competition is great! #round1

I think his back broke the fall 😳 credit @worldstar -
🎥 via @kenny_nhk -
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Aquecimento diferente para o pessoal da aula de Muay Thai!

Nunca desista

Gotta risk it to get the biscuit!

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If You Commit ... You Can Achieve Anything -
I’ve been sick and my shoulder has been playing up so I haven’t been training much. 😥😥😥
Here’s my first handstand workout in 4 weeks 😫😩
Boy these felt good to do.😎
Cali strength training is so liberating. You put so much in and get so little out. The grind is real. But so, so satisfying when you notice those little progressions. -
Millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch so progress forwards.
Much like building a business 🤣
It’s so worth it tho ... trust me. -
Check out my gym in North Sydney @unitygym where we teach a progressive method to movement and intermittent fasting. Designed for adults to achieve a heightened state of health.
If you’re in Bondi check out my mate @originofenergy he’s incredible!
Thanks as always to my team for helping to motivate and inspire me to be 1% better every day @radburmeister @richardlelys @kalieshagennoe
#calisthenics #cali #barstars #gymnastics #gymnasticsstrength #stretching #flexible #mobility #exercise #fitness #strength #movementculture #movement

When you accidentally do something cool. @wash_rat_pk check out this cool swing I found in the middle. #parkour #barstars #freerunning

Heavyweight Flagpole
Having some fun in the sun on my lunch break today. Got a quick workout in then worked on some of these. Brutally difficult when you are over 265lbs!
#calisthenics #barstars #flagpole #humanmovement #traineroftrainers #sunshine #summer #outdoorworkout

The adults playground whilst away 💪🏼👌🏼 #workout #grancanaria

I think the climbing world owes a lot of its innovation and technology of footwear to this man. I’ve been with 5.10 for several years now and I’m proud to get to say I’ve been a part of his company. No rubber like his on the market to this day. Rest easy Charles✌️ #Repost @fiveten_official with @get_repost
Five Ten Founder, Charles Cole, 1955-2018. R.I.P

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