Barre: Cuando se trabajan los músculos en una clase de barre se tonifican desde todos los ángulos. Los ejercicios trabajarán los muslos, los músculos delanteros y los muslos interiores. Lo mismo sucede con los glúteos, las abdominales, los brazos y la espalda. Los ejercicios de barre fortalecen cada grupo muscular a fondo y crean una gran definición. Además tonifican aquellos grupos musculares que por lo general no se trabajan.

You know what's awesome? Full classes!!!💪🙌 There's something really special about so many people sharing their energy with each other ♥️🦄. They can only be full if YOU show up 😉. Who's coming to class tomorrow?! 🙋‍♀️ #doitdailey #barreobsessed #letsdothis #bettertogether

Some new @maajiswimwear just hit the floor! Check out our story to see the deets!
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Obsession! This weekend i was talking with an old friend and we were talking Yoga and fitness, etc. and she asked me why i have been so obsessed with barre. She kinda turned up her nose. Lol! I said ...i know i thought the same! I went on to tell her why i have been so fascinated with it since this past fall and it inspired me to share it here with you all! It’s not just about the long lean muscles it creates with its high rep low resistance movements, not just the fun pop music i love to “dance” to, not just the fun community of women it brought to my life, it’s actually the healing! I have struggle for the past 8-10 years with so many glute and hamstring issues from running. Barre includes so many movements that help runners! It causes u to move in ways that you don’t normally move, balance (healed my feet) on the balls on your feet, and engage the glutes so specially! This has helped me so much with healing my pulled hamstrings. It’s been so amazing! I hope that so many men will try this even though it’s seen as such a “girlie class”. It’s so important for our posterior strength! Anyway, of course Yoga is still top in my book, but barre is a close second! Hope you will come try the pairing of the two and see how it can change you. 💕 #barre #barrefit #barrefitness #barreamped #barreobsessed yoga #yoga studio #whyweloverootsyogawadsworth #rootsyoga #rootsyogawadsworth #wadsworthcity #feelssogood

We have NEW clothes & socks in studio!! 😍🙌🏼💕 Get them before they’re gone! #barreworksstudio #barreworks

Today is one of those Mondays when you have to just suck it up, face the world, take a cue from Bucky Barnes and say “Not bad for the end of the world.” (shirt from the amazing @jordandenenyc ) #wintersoldier #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #mondaymotivation #mondayssuck #barre #barreobsessed #purebarre #fitness #buckybarnes

My #superwoman of #barreforte such an honor to sub for you all today! Thank you so much and cone see me Wednesdays 7pm at Southmore! @barrefortesm_hr @barregasmswithabby @nadiaisms24 @barreforte @barrefortelohi #barreinstructor #barreobsessed #barrefitness #balletbarre

👯‍♀️ Barre on a Saturday morning is the perfect way to start the day 👯‍♀️

Just in case you needed some extra motivation 👊💪 to lift those heels higher or sink that seat a little lower! 💋

Tap pic to shop! ☝️ Free Shipping always! 😘

Acompañanos los viernes en nuestras clases de: vinyasa, barre, ashtanga y refining ✨

Tomorrow marks our half way point in our June Challenge...What better way to introduce your friend to your workout obsession than on FREE FRIEND FRIDAY... Claim their spot using promo code FRIENDFRIDAY at checkout •Bring ANYONE who is either BRAND NEW to the studio or has not been to the studio in  AT LEAST 6 months. •For every person you bring in that’s new to the studio, you will receive a mark on the challenge board. •Whoever brings in the most people will receive a $100 credit on their account. •If the person you brought in wishes to purchase the new client special, they can do so that day for $99 and YOU will get $25 on your account. #purebarre #annapolis #newfriendsatthebarre #barreobsessed #summerstrong

Nuevo horario de B A R R E en @anandasamsaarayoga a partir de la próxima semana: miércoles 7:30 pm. La clase de prueba es gratuita, me escriben para reservar 🙃

A partir de la próxima semana nuevo horario de BARRE, miércoles 7:30pm. Una clase para tener el cuerpo estilizado, con músculos tonificados y flexibles.

Gluten free vegan pumpkin bread! Very out of season but I absolutely love pumpkin, so I love having it all year round!This recipe is from @minimalistbaker and I highly recommend it, it’s absolutely DELICIOUS! 🤩 I cannot wait to have this for my breakfast tomorrow topped with some almond butter! Happy Tuesday everyone!
P.S- another amazing recipe from @minimalistbaker is the smoky black bean BBQ burgers! Omg they are to die for 🤤

SO PROUD OF MYSELF 💪 just got out of my Barre boot camp class 🔥 feeling so good. I can't believe I got up and made it to F I V E Barre classes this week. Like what? Who am I?! 🤣 But seriously ladies I'm feeling so good. It's FRIIIDAYYYY and I'm in a hella good mood. 😊 Hope you ladies have a fantastic day and weekend! I'm off to deleware this weekend to look at wedding venues and dun dun the Snow/Davidson family is finally meeting for the FIRST TIME!
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Hoy a las 9:30 vamos a tener clase de Barre ✨

#TBT to our Studio #mannequinchallenge aka how you’ll find us (in a slightly dazed/delirious state) after a day of brutal classes...👀👯‍♀️👀 #joinourpliéparty #teambarreworks #postclasszen #barreobsessed #dazedandconfused #stopblinkingsophie 🤣👯‍♀️👏

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