#barnaboards can do all types of different #skateboards
We have a number of different shapes for longboards, cruise boards and skateboards. ⠀
You even have the ability to shape your own custom shape during the workshop.⠀

Contact Us for Bookings or Questions at BarnaBoards.com

#barnaboards can do all types of graphics⠀

If you´re passionate about politics, show your pride with your own custom board.⠀

#Catalonia #Catalunya #Spain #espana @visitcatalonia ‏⠀

Visit BarnaBoards.com for next workshop dates, gift certificate, bookings or special requests.⠀

If you have any idea for a board, we can most likely do it.⠀

"Last Sunday we built a board at this great place. First of all the location is pretty cool in a cultural association right in the heart of BarcelonaI. Never expected that we could create such detailed artwork on a board but Graham made the whole process quite easy and fun. It was really cool to start the day with just a piece of wood and ride that at the end of the day throughout the city. ⠀

I already started thinking about a design for my next board 😎😎😎🤙 ⠀

Thank you #Barnaboards !!!!"⠀

Thanks for the great review Eric!

#dutch pride with this #barnaboards
We always make a one of a kind board.⠀
100% Stoked Guarantee⠀

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Another great board for an international traveller at #barnaboards.⠀

How many of the airports on this board have you been to.⠀

#travel #airportstyle


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Using clear #griptape #barnaboards can do all types of designs. ⠀
Contact us with any specific board designs or ideas.⠀
We can look at how best to do them prior to the workshop.⠀

Calendar, Bookings and Gift Certificates available at⠀


#Maytheforcebewithyou @barnaboards and @acosbcn
Custom shaped #darthvader #cruiser for a smaller skater, Elias.⠀
With some supervision throughout the day he did a great job with his Dad.⠀

#barnaboards is a fun day out for Fathers and sons or Moms as well!⠀

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Gift Certificates are now available for the Holidays.⠀

#barnaboards is a great day out with the kids. ⠀
Teach them and yourself something new during this hands on workshop in #barcelona

Perfect for a #christmas #present with our new gift certificates.⠀

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We only work with the best #imported #canadianmaple to build your #BarnaBoards #customskateboard.⠀

No experience with #powertools?⠀

No problem! - Most people during the #workshop dont.⠀

#BarnaBoards will guide you every step of the way⠀

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#barnaboards has made a lot of boards with #travellers to #barcelona. ⠀

What kind of graphics would you do?⠀

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You´ll be 100% stoked with your new #BarnaBoards #customskateboard. ⠀

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#handcrafted by you! ⠀

Let #BarnaBoards guide you through our day workshop @acosbcn

We guarantee that you will love your new board.⠀

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#global #traveller #graphic on his new #barnaboards.
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To give you a bit of inspiration, the #barnaboards workshop is held in the #art #gallery of @acosbcn

Every month #localartists from #bcn showcase their work for display and sale.⠀

Come visit @acosbcn at c/Sant Gil 16 in Raval to see what it is all about.⠀

Everyone who participates in the #barnaboards workshop gets a year-long free membership to the Association.⠀

Contact us for more information.⠀



#barnaboards helps you every step of the way to making and designing your own custom #skateboard, #cruiser or #longboard.⠀

No experience is necessary and we guarantee that you will love your unique board.⠀

Contact us now to reserve your place at the next workshop.⠀
(Every Wednesday and Saturday @acosbcn c/Sant Gil 16 in Raval)⠀



#barnaboards imports the highest quality Canadian Maple to construct their #skateboards.⠀

We guarantee the quality of every board. With our 100% Stoked Moneyback Guarantee ⠀

You will be surprised when you transform a piece of wood into a professional board during the workshop.⠀

Do you have questions about the workshop or process?⠀

Contact graham@barcelonalongboards.com

or visit barnaboards.com

One of the final steps in the #barnaboards workshop is griptape.⠀

We can do all types of different cuts of griptape and have standard black and clear.⠀

#barnaboards has lots of experience doing all types of boards and griptape. ⠀

Just let us know your idea and we show you how to get the perfect board your thinking of.⠀

Check out our reviews online to hear what people say about the workshop.⠀


To reserve your place at the next workshop contact⠀



#barnaboards will show you how to hand shape your #customskateboard

Never used power tools before? No problem!⠀

We will guide you every step of the way, no experience is necessary.⠀

Try something new and surprise yourself!⠀

We guarantee that you will love your custom #skateboarddesign.⠀

Contact us now with any questions or to make a reservation.⠀



Hot off the press @barnaboards!⠀

Putting on the final clear coat and almost ready for the grip tape.⠀

What will your board look like?⠀

Have you booked your place at the next #barnaboards workshop @acosbcn ?⠀

Contact us to make a reservation and quote NOV30 for €30 off the workshop price during November.⠀

Workshops held every Wednesday and Saturday.⠀



You may have a board but you don't have a BarnaBoard.⠀

You will be proud of what you can do at the #barnaboards skateboard workshop.⠀

Surprise yourself with what you will be able to create.⠀

Remember, no experience is necessary and we guarantee that you will love your custom board.⠀

Workshops are held @asocbcn every Wednesday and Saturday in the #barnaboards workshop.⠀

Use NOV30 code to get €30 off workshops in November.⠀

Contact us to reserve your place at the next workshop.⠀


or visit⠀


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