When mom and dad watch @_haunting on @netflix 🙈 #netflix #horror

I stank. So @earthbath_pet helped me smell a lot better. I’m happy because I’m fresh now. Don’t I look happy? #mood #earthbath #toughguy

All Smiles 😀 #FloofLife

Ready for the weekend 💤

Now I’m a chocolate croissant #lolz

#Barkbox did October well.

Happy Wednesday everybody!!! I hope you’re having a great day. It’s finally feeling like fall here in Arkansas. Jacket weather and all. And the sweeeeaters. Anywhosers. I have a new friend to share with you today. Say hello to Starr!! This little lady is one member of a big ol Shih Tzu family. When she was first born, she wasn’t able to nurse, so her human fed her for the first few weeks. Lots of people fell in love with her pretty early on, and wanted to see if they could maybe adopt Starr themselves. But her human decided, know what? I could use some Starr in my life, and we’ll, now here we are. Starr gets lot of company from her big family, and lots of love from all of us fans out there who can’t get enough. If you’d like to learn more, head on over to @jerseyshihtzu to say hello and check out the whole family! Thanks everybody! Have a great day!! •

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Mom thinks she's soooooo funny. This THING doesn't even look like me. #rude

It’s been 2 years since my beautiful princess ‘granny Georgia’ crossed the 🌈 this photo was taken the night before we had to take her to the vets as you can see at 17 she was still looking amazing it was just her little legs couldn’t handle it anymore after her stroke💔 either way I was blessed to have this girl in my life for that long🙏🏻💙

My mom got this sign for me. You can definitely see the sign, but you can barely see me! 🕵🏽‍♂️ #mynameinlights #imastar #tomymomanddad

Enjoying the sun and the sea ☺️

Helping mom paint our new shelving, or getting in the way, however you want to look at it 😆

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