Una cena nutritiva y sana !! ☺👍 no te olvides de seguirnos @h2originc

Wow !! Good video tag your friends 👊💪👬

Spending quality time with my new little brother and our dog - as you can see, I'm holding my little brother and our dog is on our side.


Going to hit the gym, do some full body workout with calisthenics focus and then feast on an amazing low carb dinner!


First and second for rades calisthenics 😉😉👑👑✌✌ good luck for chiheb khmiri in wswc championship 🔥🔥
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Tú eres como el fuego y yo me quiero quemar. ☠️🔥

NO PAIN NO GAIN. La última repetición es la que cuenta, combinando dos estímulos diferentes, mi propio peso + pesas 🏋🏻‍♂️ ustedes que opinan 🤔 cuál será mejor.
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So, ya’ll haven’t seen any fitness posts from me lately, due to the fact I’ve kindaaaaa stopped training 2-3 months ago altogether. Have not stepped into the gym, haven’t been visiting the local parks nor have I been doing any training at home. Even stopped doing yoga as a part of my morning routine. 😟
And it wasn’t because I sustained another injury and had to stop or anything like that.
It was literally just me being me.
Losing focus, getting distracted, becoming lazy.
Truth be told, my life has changed quite a bit this year. I picked up a full-time gig just to earn a bit of extra mullah, started taking on double the amount of creative projects (literally booked out till the end of the year now 😭), and also started trying to study and learn new skills (which I’m keeping on the down low for now) that I’ll be needing to help me progress in the near future. Initially, I thought I could easily juggle all of this and still fit in my workouts (Train 5hrs per week, easy right??). Guess not. I forgot to take into the account the amount of willpower it takes doing all of this. Eventually, by the end of the day or the weekend, when I was SUPPOSED to workout, I had lost so much willpower, I literally was just acting on instinct and feeling. And most of time, that feeling was “...I’m too tired...Nah, I’ll train tomorrow...I deserve this rest...” Workout time became extra down time. Because of this, I physically felt more tired during the day, diet was poor and sleeping quality was non-existent.
That’s why (this is an official public announcement) starting this Sunday, I’m going to dedicate myself to a new fitness challenge I’ve planned for myself for exactly 4 months (16 weeks), to help get me back into my fitness and build the correct habits and mental discipline to maintain this lifestyle throughout and after those 4 months. I’ve decided to make this public and share this with you guys so ya’ll can watch me make it or FAIL, and in the process, keep me accountable HAHA. Might even document my journey as well 🤔
Let’s fkn get this, if anyone else is down to get into training, lemme know, we’ll set a up support system so we hit the end game together. Who’s with me?

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