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I don’t know where to start lol! Seriously its been a long journey coming from being a student at @urbanbarbercollege to a Licensed Barber. It wasn’t easy. I commuted from Monterey to San Jose 5 days a week for 15 months. I would literally work 6am-2pm and then get to school by 5pm to 9pm and do it all over again. It was about 2 1/2 to 3 hours of driving each day for school and back. I was burnt out. I was so tired I would get sick a lot. I didn’t quit. I was tired of living the same life I was living for 11 years and not get anywhere. I mean it got me somewhere in a way. Without the experience in growing up making the right and bad decisions, I think I wouldn’t be here right now. I thank God for how far I got. And I ain’t stopping here. I still have a lot to learn and goals to complete. Im excited to see what the Barber Industry has in store for me. P.S. I got to show a lot of love to my beautiful gf @hair_by_bea. If it wasnt for Bea, I wouldn’t become the happiest man with a career. I love you. #goals #barberlife #barberindustry #career #love #strength #challenge #barber #haircut #hairstyles #hairstylist #clippers #shears #razor #barbering #barbero #man #latino #dios #god

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