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O corte Pompadour nasceu no século XVIII. Naquela época, era um penteado feminino. O nome vem justamente da Madame Pompadour que, além de usar o penteado, era amante de Luís XV, rei da França, e uma das personalidades mais influentes da época.
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The new girl @sisu_barber !

Emma recently joined us and has gone from strength to strength...... “It all started with a beard, a recommendation and witnessing the confidence a new hair restyle and an hour in Nathan's chair had on a loved one. This experience led to me changing my career .
I trained locally for my Barbering NVQ to learn the basics, but the 1:1 training in the shop with Joe taught me the 'Bearded Bambi's' way of barbering. The experience of being in the shop was like nothing I had ever seen before and i knew then that I now had my next goal - I wanted to try and be a Bearded Bambi's barber. “

Emma also added.....
“I'm now the newest member of the team in the shop and barbering allows me to be creative everyday, watch some of the best barbers work, learn & share new techniques whilst taking huge satisfaction from helping a client achieve their wanted style.” She also believes......”The shop offers a place to relax and be looked after for an hour, a place to get away from everyday life in a unique environment. From the individual booths to the welcoming atmosphere, clients from 3yrs old to 80 walk through the door and a guarantee that no 2 days are ever the same all make for best decision I have made.” Check out Emma’s trims on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays for walk ins and Appointments.

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