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#saynotojunglejustice smh #shitholecountry #therewasacountry

@olorunlekefadana She was caught with a broken neck of a year old baby in a bag

I don't know how true the caption is but whatever the case, it's 2018 people, let's stop such #barbaricacts #dialogue

#ithappensinchina #barbaricacts #savethechidren #inhuman #theydontcareaboutus #organsforsale #repost #whatsapp so what are the kind of actions that the china authorities did to handle all these barbaric acts? posted: thu, jul 20, 2017

It was a very sunny wednesday in August 2010, I had run two shifts at work, morning and afternoon. I was so spent, so i looked forward to going home to a have a well deserved rest.

I had taken the car to the mechanic's two days earlier. My colleague whom I could have hitched a ride with, had closed earlier. Luckily, the bustop wasn't too far from my office, just a stroll down and i would get a bus, which i did. The Danfo was plying the Ikeja bustop route. Ipodo lama ti stop o(we are dropping all passengers off at Ipodo) the bus conductor said menacingly, I replied, 'no problem'. After all, Ikeja under bridge isn't far from Ipodo, I think the whole area is generally called Ipodo.

A smooth ride it was, we all alighted at the said Ipodo. Suddenly, people started running helter skelter, i was in a state of panic already, I quickly asked a man running past me what was happening, he pointed me towards the direction of Masquerades running towards us. Alas! It was their festival. Odun Eegun, they were beating everyone in sight...So I put my innate Usain Bolt skills which I didn't even know i possesed up until that point to test. I started running towards 'under bridge'. Two of the masquades inched closer, my chest was literally in my mouth at this point. They weilded long canes, whipping everyone in sight. I managed to get a Keke Marwa(Tricycle) who said he was going to Ogba, I had no business in Ogba, but I boarded the Keke anyway. The second masquerade caught up with me, though I was already seated in the keke, the tip of his cane touch my laps and he said 'Oloun Yo e' in a croaky voice(God saved you) as the Keke drove off... A sweet escape. It was an experience I would never forget.
So reading the story of the fourteen year old boy who ran to his death because a Masqurade chased him, leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I am all for culture and tradition. However, when it is being used to frighten innocent people, when it is being used as a tool of oppression then it needs to be addressed. I hope the boy's family gets justice. I hope there would be reprieve for them. This shouldn't be swept under the carpet.The socalled Masquerade must be punished.

How should India react to Pakistan Army's act of mutilating two soldiers bodies
1.Another surgical strike
2.End diplomatic ties
3.Isolate Pak globally
www.zapollz.com public pollId=2840 #Indianarmy #pakistan #barbaric #barbaricacts #barbaricpakistan #politicsovermartyrs #pakistanattack

Where are my good people of Nigeria ??
@Regrann from @desireewd42 - PLEASE TAG SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP OR GET HELP!!!! 😖😖😖😞😞😖😖😖😖 #SayNoToAbuse#BarbaricActs#DefilementOfChildren#Abuse#SexualMolestation#TheLawIsAgainstThis#SheDeservesJustice#ChildRights#GiveHerAVoice
@thelawyers'page - #regrann

I remember ALUU 4…

I remember vividly how illegal justice was meted out on the four young boys, prime and promising. I remember the cries of anguish and pain. I remember their voices wriggling with regrets and fear as the seething fire from the burning tyres penetrated their skin. I wept for the wicked hearts, I wept for the parents of these young boys, I wept for the future abruptly ended by injustice…

Jungle Justice? Literally means the act of meting out a capital punishment without a recourse to the law or appropriate legal authorities. The trend of these acts speaks no less than a barbaric act of a corrupted mind. The most appalling act is the effortlessness of those present who do nothing but take pictures or record to upload on social media without escalating.

Let’s make up our minds to do unusual… Take a step whenever such incidents occur, contact the Police immediately, call your State helplines, post it on social media immediately before the mob gathers. DO this and save a life…

Enough is enough to #mobkillings #junglejustice #barbaricacts

Embrace #peace #justice #lawfulness

《130 noms. 130 vies arrachés. 130 destins fauchés. 130 rires que l'on n'entendra plus. 130 voix qui à jamais se sont tues》François Hollande.🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 (Il y a 1 an , des vies ont été détruites par des actes de barbarie...Une pensée aux victimes et aux familles. 🙏)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------《130 names. 130 lives taken away. 130 destinies usurped. 130 laughs that we will no longer hear. 130 voices that will never speak again》François Hollande.🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 (1 year ago, lives were destroyed by barbaric acts ... A thought to the victims and to the families.🙏) #13Novembre2015 #13November2015 #Hommage13Novembre #Tribute13November #ParisAttacks #AttentatAParis #FrancoisHollande #ActeDeBarbarie #BarbaricActs #PenseePourLesFamillesEtLesVictimes #ThoughtToTheFamiliesAndToTheVictims #LiberteEgaliteFraternite #ViveLaFrance #France #Paris #1an #1year #NousSommesUnis

What has happened in Nice, France is a tragedy and sympathy goes out to those whom lost loved ones and their families#loss#victims#attacksoncivilians#barbaricacts#karmawillconquer....evil....

Peace and love in Orlando. My prayers goes out to the families and LGBT community. #peace #putdowntheguns #barbaricacts

Did you know that baby elephants are taken away from its family and tortured by the local Thai people in order to prepare them for humans to ride? Google 'the crush' and you will understand why you should NEVER ride an elephant in Thailand. I cannot tell people that they cannot ride elephants but I can educate them. Most tourists dont know this happens. How else would an elephant allow humans to ride them? Its not in their nature to allow such a thing. How do you think elephants and other animals perform in circuses?
These poor creatures are starved, dehydrated and tortured by spear hooks every day for weeks. The purpose of the torture is so that the Elephants loses its spirit. So that they become afraid and submissive to their trainers so that humans can ride them. The local tour companies know how much money they can make from tourists so if you ride an elephant, you are contributing to their industry. I cannot bring myself to doing this. Its such a barbaric act. If you are interested, please consider donating to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. I had the privilege of visiting this sanctuary and it was am incredible experience.
#elephants #thecrush #crushthespirit #ridingelephantsiswrong #torturedanimals #barbaricacts #babyelephants #Thailand #donotrideelephants #elephantnaturepark #freedom #freetheelephants #chiangmei

Thanks to @jumokesanwo we got a front row view of this powerful performance #Hearword that portrays #truelife stories that women face on a daily basis. I can't even over emphasize the talent here, worth every penny and then some. Women really do have the shorter end of the stick and the sooner we stick together and stand up for ourselves and unborn daughters, the better! Definitely thought provoking, issues portrayed ranged included but not limited to #Genderinequality #Paedophilia #Childbrides #vvf acronym for #Vesicovaginalfistula #Rape #ChildMolestation by close family members #Oppression & #Suppression by spouses and their family members #Prostitution and #Womantrafficking as well as giving of wives and or daughters to guests for their sexual satisfaction as a form of hospitality. #Barbaricacts that must be spoken against because if your child marries someone from that place she and her children could be the next set of victims! Could go on and on but by now you get the gist. Even though there were humorous aspects to it, my people would say "òro buruku pelu Erin"! Please go and watch it and make a choice to #standup #speakout against these ills in our society being perpetrated against women like you and I #enoughsaid #HearWordNaija !!! CAST TaiwoAjaiLycett; JokeSilva; BimboAkintola; Omonor; ElvinaIbru; ZaraUdofiaEjoh; UfuomaMcDermott; RitaEdward; Odenike; DeborahOhiri

My thoughts are with my city Paris... Sad for the family.. Sad day for humanity. it's so scary.
Mes pensées sont à ma ville natale #Paris..
Je ne suis PAS pour Charlie Hebdo et Toutes leurs controverses depuis 10ans.. et je ne le serais Jamais et avec respect, je trouve hypocryte tous ceux qui marquent #JesuisCharlie alors que j'ose croire que la plupart ne soutenait pas leurs caricatures dérangeantes, voir même ne soutiennent pas certains humoristes qui dérangent... Il vaudrait mieux marquer #JeSuisPourLesFamillesDesVictimes ou #jeSuisPourlaLibertédExpression
c'est un acte de barbarie effroyable.. et je comdamne tout ceux qui pensent que les mecs de Charlie Hebdo le méritaient. Personnes ne méritent un tel sort, même le pire ennemi. Aucun être humain.
Le problème ici est que liberté ou pas ces caricatures attirent à la révolte et ça aussi ils faudraient tempérer.
on comdamne des artistes francais qui se moquent de tout, car leurs humours 'dérangent' et attirent à la révolte... je suis d'accord.
mais ca aurait dû être les mêmes actions contre Charlie Hebdo pour empêcher de tels actes au lieu de jouer avec le feu depuis tant d'années.. A bon entendeur.. Que Dieu nous protège car je vous le dit on approche a grand pas...
#Massacre #SadDay #liberté #JenesuisPasCharlie mais #Jesuistriste et #aveclesfamillesdesvictimes

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