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Forever my fave oth parent -
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#barbaraalynwoods CONFIRMED.
Inside OTH - Cast, Crew and Fan reunion July 23-24 2016, Wilmington, NC. Tix on sale Feb 29! #InsideOTH #OneTreeHill #NCFILM #OTH InsideOTH.com

Did any of you ship them?

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Happy to announce the beautiful @barbiealynwoods will be joining us all weekend for #ReturntoTreeHill #oth #OneTreeHill please visit www.eyeconfla.com for ticket information! #debscott #barbaraalynwoods

lmao deb was fckin goals hahahaha


My 20 favorite Oth caracters❤️🎬 13/ Deborah Lee Scott #oth #deborahscott #deblee #barbaraalynwoods

Sunday Glam for Daytime Emmys⭐️ Gorgeous @barbiealynwoods & @alyviaalind

Oh Deb 🤦🏻‍♀️. Deb makes me laugh so much wow. Also the mother-son relationship between Deb and Nathan is so funny. There is a moment later in this episode where Deb says to Nathan, "And all those times you locked yourself in the bathroom when you were 12? I knew what you were doing." And I can't help but giggle cause only Deb Scott would say that to her son Lol. AND THE FACE NATHAN MAKES IS SO FUNNY OMG. Anyway, Deb and Nathan's relationship makes me happy. ~~~
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