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Sistah X 4 = ❤️. Thank you, dear @timopangilinan for capturing this! #BarangayPangilinan

Such a happy Sunday! Especially since Lola Emma has new dance moves. 😂❤️

My God-daughter Frankie Pangilinan. Kakie to us her family. #frankiepangilinan #megmagazine #barangaypangilinan

"Toss!"🍻 A year ago yesterday, our family lost our father to heaven and the Lord Jesus 🎼💔😭 No contest. Miss you, dear dear Dad. Miss na miss na miss. What a massive gift and loss you were... but heaven's gain 🌩⭐😘 Fambam got together to mark the day. You were always big on "mark moments, make meaning". DTP - the original "experience engineer". Happy-kind-of-sad evening, as bro Joseph put it. Praise God we will hug you again someday for sure. Our blessed hope. Don't be too kulit with Vic, Dad❤ #family #faith #love #BarangayPangilinan #praiseJesus @blessmybag @arenas_3 @angelipv @jnpangilinan @anthonypangilinan @npzipperich @kiko.pangilinan @homescoolph @onepangilinan thank you, Gab @gabvalenciano for setting up the shot😘

Don't you just love contrast haha😊 @gabvalenciano ❤💃#JustCuz #BarangayPangilinan

Selfie kasama si super selfie at super likot ko na pamangkin na si @gabvalenciano. Heto kami at nagbibiruan sa kaka selfie.

Nung bata pa si Gab, mga 7 yrs old nakita niya yung Taal Volcano at tinanong sa akin kung volcano nga ba talaga yung Taal. Nung sinagot ko siya na oo, ang tanong niya 'what if it corrupts?' Ngyek! #BarangayPangilinan

Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan 20th Wedding Anniversary


Going to miss my baby girl. She visited our home yesterday. Then I checked her IG account and it had two captions which made me sigh. I miss living with @kianavee !!! #kianavalenciano #kianaishome #bonding #familytime #mothersanddaughters #visitingparents #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan
P.S. Had such a sweet time bonding and chatting with Kiana. Miss those moments but I thank God that they even happen. Many of my followers are OFWs and don't get to have their children except on Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Live. May God prosper you so much that you can go home and be reunited with your own kids. ❤

Farewell Auntie Lily Juanengo. Our dearest aunt and loving matriarch of the Juanengo clan wil be buried today. She was the sister of my father and lived with us for a time and was always so much fun to be with. My nephews the Villars would play pranks on her (Radio Paw haha) and she even fell into a pothole once! Today we bury this lovely soul and praise God for her life and the wonderful children she raised. To my cousins Tonette, Maggie, Jerry, Dongdong, Atty Jaja and Joel and their families we the Pangilinans and Valencianos offer our deepest condolences and sympathy for your loss. As I write tears fill my eyes because I should have visited her more. This breaks my heart. We must always value our senior family members as many times we realize too late when they're gone that we could have, and should have but we did not. Oh Lord! so much to learn in life ..... I love you Auntie Lily! I'm sorry for not visiting you more! But I'm happy you're with Jesus! ❤🌈🙏🏻#familyfirst #lilypangilinanjuanengo #barangaypangilinan Note: the man in white beside me on the lower left photo is my first cousin Kuya Ponchit Miranda (eldest male cousin) dad of Chito of Parokya ni Edgar.

"you have to make up some moments... come up with some activities ... that will make her love you more❤️" we learned from a phenomenal father 🎼💙🙏🏼 thank You, Abba Father, for this gift of a dad. #love #family #father #Dad #LoloDony #makemomentsmakemeaning #BarangayPangilinan

Children are blessings from the Lord and early on we must teach them the Word and its importance in daily living. As a family we had daily Kids Devotionals, Veggie Tales, the Nest animated bible stories and all kinds of prayers and stories we said and read together when my children were young. When our kids grow older they are exposed to the world and we must support them through prayer and many times our silence (my biggest challenge!) .... and allowing them to embark on their own journey... and sometimes they will make detours or make the wrong choices. Many times they will make us proud. 💕👍🏻🏅🎖Paolo, Gab and Kiana were exposed to our fishbowl environment (concerts, movie shoots, TV shows, cover pictorials for magazines, interviews etc) and they had a very difficult childhood. Gary and I would be on tour constantly and we couldn't always bring them. Kiana told my manager once "Mama doesn't love me because she left me." But her papa is a diabetic and I had to be with him so the heart-tugging departures were really tough to experience. My heart was always a bundle of emotions. 😱😩🤔😳😪😭🤗🤡😋😇🤣😂😀😭💔❤ Today I see them trying to find their own spaces despite the towering personality and career of their Papa. My prayer today is that I will continue to pray for them daily and that God's destiny for each of them will be fulfilled. That they make the right choices and that the Word will shield them from the pain that the world will continue to inflict on them. My heart is constantly seeking for God's Will to be fulfilled in my own life, my husband's and my children's lives and in all the lives of our clans, our Genesis team and those who have decided to follow my account. God bless you all today with wisdom, good health, abundant provision, perseverance, faith, hope and a deeper and more fruitful walk with Him. #children #parenting #garyalenciano #paolovalenciano 🙏🏻❤☀️🌈#gabvalenciano #kianavalenciano #angelivalenciano #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan
Proverbs 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Before the day ends allow me to say that you are one artist and nephew who has shown me so much love and loyalty, I was surprised with all your hugs yesterday. You so deserve all those wonderful friends who just gather to surprise and see you Raymund because you have absolutely one of the purest hearts I know in this industry.. in this world. And that is simply because you genuinely love Jesus and have made Him your inspiration and strength. And He shines through you and is written throughout your character onstage and offstage. May this next year bring you to soaring heights because God has given you such a beautiful, golden voice. Happy birthday RJ. I love you so so much son.💚 #happybirthdayrjdelafuente #rjdelafuente #manofgod @manaftergodsheart #nomeanbone #kindman #gentlesoul #garyvpresentsartist #nephews #thevoicephilippinestop24 #barangaypangilinan #godsbest @vivaartistsagency @manilagenesis #manilagenesisvivateam

A blessed birthday to one of the finest and most patient brothers-in-law one could ever have! A blessed birthday Boogi! We love you so so much! Thank you for loving Nenette, Mom, Fili and our family so very much ! God bless you a millionfold for your kindness and love! In Jesus' name! #barangaypangilinan #boogizipperich #german #furniture #produxx #boogiph #hamburger #besteuropeanofficefirniture #sonofberta #interiordesigner

A bear hug from a dearly loved nephew and godson Chito Miranda, lead vocalist of Parokya Ni Edgar. His dad Kuya Ponchit is my first cousin! I love this guy and am so proud of his achievements. #barangaypangilinan #chitomiranda #parokyaniedgar #opm #tuguegaraoreunion #garyvalenciano #nephew

So we have an empty nest now. But tonight I have four gate-crashers sleeping over and like a hotel's hospitality peeps I gave them ice cold towels for their oily sweaty faces! They raided the fridge too! @rjdelafuente @timopangilinan @joshbuizon @fili_nepomuceno where are you @donny_pangilinan @arenas_3 @gabvalenciano @kianavee @gabpangilinan @karapangilinan @miguel.pangilinan @vincesiopao .... @stellapangilinan is in Spain while @frankiepangilinan is in LA! And @garyvalenciano is asleep! Hehe @paolovalenciano @yosameti i wish you slept here! #cousinlove #rjdelafuente #timopangilinan #filinepomuceno #joshbuizon #barangaypangilinan #sleepover #thepangilinans @npzipperich @jnpangilinan @makilingmiracle @blessmybag @itskcconcepcion @hannahpangilinan @kathlynbuizon

Part 3. The pictures say it all. When families and friends reconnect with a man of God as the glue - miracles will happen! God is good! A blessed Sunday! Thank you Katrina Velarde for the beautiful song before the meal. #amazinggrace #dennissempebwa #thevalencianos #garyvalenciano #manilagenesis #manilahouse #loveforjesus #barangaypangilinan #gospel #thegathering #the300 #christianfamily

Congratulations to Philam for 70 years of quality insurance services ! Here is an excerpt of the performance of Gary and Gab. #shakeitoff #garyvalenciano #gabvalenciano #hapoy70thphilamlife #bestfatherandsontandem #percussions #icandothat #icsndidate #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan #dance #fatherandson

Full support for Kuya Gab at the I Can Do That Grand Finals!! Congrats, kuys! We love youuuuu!! ❤ #ICDT #LibreTime #BarangayPangilinan

#BarangayPangilinan all so supportive of #garyvpresents last nights tonight and tomorrow ! Love you ! Thank you Kapatids! The show is as Dad would say "Vurry good!" Kiko I need your poster and Felichi's too! Haha ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🎶🎵💽🎼

And to my Mom Emma Nepomuceno Pangilinan. Mommy! You have raised us with sheer hard work and patience, diligently emphasizing prayer - "the family that prays together stays together" ... we are blessed because of you Mom! You raised all nine of us with so much love and dedication! Miss Lakambini. Grade school and high school valedictorian. Actress. Coloratura. Student leader. UP graduate. Miss Mindanao. I salute you and my four sisters and four sisters-in-law. To Mom, Chel, Nenette, Felichi, Donna, Vicky, Shawie, Maricel and Vicki... our husbands are blessed because of the wonder women God gave them no? Do I hear an Amen!? To our dearest ATE Chel who lost Vic last year.. we have Four Angels in heaven now - the two boys Mom lost and Dad and Vic. Be comforted with that thought ❤.....meantime ...I love you girls! Happy Mothers' Day - belated Haha ! God bless us all! #barangaypangilinan
P.S. Oops I doubled Kara's photo with Nenette !! 😍😍

Happy Mother's Day! #moet #barangaypangilinan

From giving birth, to raising a child, to their sacrifices & unconditional love. Moms are the greatest!
Happy Mother's Day to these amazing and very supportive moms. All of you deserve the love and respect in the world. Mahal po namin kayo! 💕💐#BarangayPangilinan

Such a happy Sunday! Especially since Lola Emma has new dance moves. 😂❤️

The director of Gary V Presents !!!! With the special men in his life! Here with his late lolos Lolo Vic Valenciano from Albay and Lolo Dony Pangilinan from Pampanga. With brother Gab and Papa Gary V. How fast time flies! He is suddenly a director and an accomplished singer! Gary V Presents was a concept he presented to his father. He even handpicked some of the artists like Carla and Jimmy. I suggested Bullet and others. So excited for the Season Finale! It has had six performances! Manila Genesis turned 30! And Gary's career turns 34 this season so see you there ! May 12, 13, 19, 20 at the Solaire! Watch the way Paolo directs a concert and be proud of our firstborn! Get your tickets at Ticketworld now !!! #garyvalenciano #garyvpresents #garyvatsolaire #paolovalenciano #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan #qualityconcert

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In 1999 Kiana recorded ONCE AGAIN IT'S CHRISTMAS at the age of 6 at home and Universal Records threw it into the Gary V Interactive Album as a bonus track and in 2000 she received two trophies for BEST CHILD RECORDING ARTIST and BEST CHRISTMAS RECORDING for a song her papa wrote. 🌲Here she is with her papa Gary V when she sang at the Awit Awards of 2000 and was the youngest Awit Awardee that year and in the preceding years! Does she know she was 7 when she won the awards ? 🏆🏆We stopped her career so she could live a normal life and be a kid and have regular activities and finish school. She won again at the Awit in 2015 when she recorded again a solo song after 15 years the song "Dear Heart" for the Philpop and won Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist in 2015! 🥇I thank and praise God for Kiana and her many gifts! #kianavalenciano #garyvalenciano #thevalencianos #doessheknow #onceagainitschristmas #barangaypangilinan #awitawards
P.s. check her YouTube Channel for the music video her brother @gabvalenciano directed for the song she wrote with Curtis Smith writing the rap! Thanks to Moira de la Torre for the additional lyrics you wrote! 💕

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BTS or Behind the Scene OutTakes of #DoesSheKnow with Direk Gab Valenciano and talent @kianavee at the Soundcheck warehouse ! Kiana has over 800,000 views now on her two songs on Spotify! #circles #doessheknow #manilagenesis #genesisvivapartnership #thevalencianos #barangaypangilinan @myxph @johnlozano10 @bysphilippines

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