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He looks so sophisticated here but he's the goofiest, most mischievous clown I've ever known #BanGreyhoundRacing #RescueDogs #DontBreedOrBuyAsTheHomelessDie #RescuedIsMyFavouriteBreed 💚

#GreyhoundRacing race meetings to continue today despite extreme #heatwave.
Not good enough!

#bangreyhoundracing #shutitdown #stopthecruelty

Shout out to the greyhound lovers in TASMANIA protesting against the cruel sport. BAN greyhound racing! ❤❤❤❤❤

Meet Kermit 🐸 My newest rescue! And Katos new brother! #adoptdontshop #greyhound #enddogracing

I wish everyone could know the love of a Maggie. #bangreyhoundracing #adoptdontshop #greyhound #love #affection


For anyone who bets on greyhound racing, goes to the race track or has asked me why I don't race my dog!
As an animal lover & greyhound owner, this makes me so angry! If you read this & still support it, unfollow me!! Thousands of greyhounds are bred every year in an effort to find ones younger and faster. The older ones are then displaced.
Industry-wide, some 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they aren't deemed fast enough to win races.
Greyhounds are starved for 19hrs before a race to clean out their colon, they are also forced into baiting.
Baiting refers to the practice of using live animals for the purpose of training greyhounds. "Bait animals" such as piglets, rabbits and native possums are all victims of baiting — tied to machanical lures, flung around racetracks at breakneck speeds, where greyhounds are released to persue and catch them and then are mauled to death. Some animals who survived their first attack were 're-used' multiple times.
When not at the track, often racing greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement. They are kept inside stacked cages that are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for 20 or more hours a day. Many exhibit crate and muzzle sores and suffer from infestations of internal and external parasites.
The lucky ones end up in pounds but the amount is shocking. People are under the impression that they are racing dogs, they need plenty of exercise, they are actually extremely lazy. It is because of this stigma attached to them, that there are so many still left in pounds.
In 2016, 5,400 greyhounds were tested for doping. 48% of those tested were positive.
Among the substances found in greyhounds at tracks around Ireland were, to name a few; Acetaminophen, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Caffeine, Chlorpromazine, Codeine, Lidocaine, Methylphenidate, Omeprazole Sulphide.
All this to enhance a performance that you're paying for!
Boycott the cruel greyhound industry in which dogs are doped, mutilated, injured and killed. Don't attend greyhound races or fundraisers/hen parties/office parties held at greyhound tracks.

#greyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram #bangreyhoundracing

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