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Our open letter:
Dear Minister Creed,

We regretfully inform you of the sad news that Irish greyhound High Maintenance has died. You mightn't remember but he was one of the dogs exported to the notorious & cruel #Canidrome stadium in Macau. You yourself were told on numerous occasions that these dogs were going to die there yet you stood back & let it happen.
We're writing to you as we & many others already have on numerous occasions, to tell you about the Canidrome. As we've already said, the stadium houses as many as 800 distressed greyhounds at a time & there's a shocking estimated 30 killed there every month, like clockwork. No dog makes it out of the Canidrome alive. We’ve all told you about this hell hole for greyhounds so many times that in reality you couldn’t but be aware of it.
We're writing to commend you too as it can’t be denied that you have some talent in regard to ignoring the reality of this situation. You’ve impressed us all with how little you care but that time is over. Dogs are dying & you have the power to stop it & we urge you to show some compassion & do so. We're writing to you with the news of another dead greyhound, 1 you could have helped were you not so desperately trying not to rock the boat with your friends in the Irish Greyhound Board.
We're writing to you on behalf of a scared dog sent to 1000's of miles away called High Maintenance. This dog died because the people who had the power to save him couldn’t care less. We're writing to you on behalf of all the greyhounds who suffered before him & those who haven’t met the same fate as him just yet.
We're writing to you, our seemingly compassionless minister, to ask (again) for you to #bangreyhoundexports and stop the suffering of Irish greyhounds in China. You’ve already been responsible for the death & suffering of many dogs, but there is still time to save others. Ban greyhound exports now to all countries with no animal welfare, there’s no excuse for allowing this abuse to continue.
Not For Your Entertainment

Bello, bello, bello mondo, bello ridere di
mondo in luce mattutina in
colorazione di mondo con stagioni e
popolazione e animali. Bello mondo
questo ricordo, questo io lo ricordo
bello, molto bello mondo, con cielo
diurno e notturno, con facce che
mi piacevano e musi e zampe e
vegetazione che mi sospirava e mi
sospirava leggera leggera, tirando
via chili e scarponi interiori che mi
infangavano, tirando via ferri da stiro
che mi portavo nel petto, e gran pulitura
di dentro. Bello questo io lo ricordo
bello -
Io ho avuto soccorso a volte da
una piccola foglia, da un frutto così
ben fatto che dava sollievo
Mariangela #Gualtieri
da Predica ai pesci #petlevrieri #greylivesmatter #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports

They don't need to race and they don't need to be live exports. End the madness.
#greyhound #animalrights #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports #rspca

Looks like it's still raining 🙄

#greyhound #dog #rescue #bangreyhoundexports #cute #sweet #look


Today marks a super special day for me... for 2 reasons; it's been a year since I moved in with my furever family. We have changed each other's lives in so many beautiful ways and I am so in love ❤️❤️❤️ AND Today really is a day of love, I could not be prouder of my country 🇦🇺 for voting YES to LOVE 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈. #loveislove #sayyestolove #wedidit #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports #jetset #aussiesontour #adoptdontshop #gapnsw

This is my favourite kissy spot, the fluffy bit, just above my spectacular schnoz ✌️✌️✌️#schnoz #lovemuffin #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports #gapnsw #greyhoundsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuegreyhound #adoptdontshop

Looks like it's still raining 🙄

#greyhound #dog #rescue #bangreyhoundexports #cute #sweet #look

Day 3 of #beachgratitudechallenge is Animals. I ❤️animals and like people they deserve a good life free from harm, neglect, abuse, exploitation and captivity. We must be their voice to protect them from human predators! Here's my two besties Angel (Collie X King Charles Cavalier) and Sheba (not sure what breed) They ❤️ the beach. Scroll to see more of them.
#animals #dogs #pets #animalrights #rescuedogs #dogstrust #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports #soidog #soidogfoundation

I love my daddy ❤️. I could seriously cuddle him like this all day ☺️☺️☺️#lovemuffin #bangreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundexports #greyhoundsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #retiredgreyhound #jetset

Boycott the racetracks! If you love Horses and Greyhounds don’t contribute to their suffering by supporting the racing industry, which has no regard for their welfare. If you like a gamble, bet on football or any sport where the participants are willing athletes, not mistreated animals #melbournecup #nuptothecup #animalsaustralia #endhorseracing #horses #horsesofinstagram #greyhoundsmakegreytpets #greyhoundrescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #adoptagreyhound #dog #dogsofinstaworld #bangreyhoundexports #bangreyhoundracing #theinstagreyhound #endgreyhoundracing #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #blackdog #greyhoundsofinstagram

Leo has been busy as an ambassador dog for Greyhound Rescue today, but had time for a cuddle on his return.
Info about fostering and adoption from www.greyhoundrescue.com.au #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhoundsmakegreytpets #greyhoundrescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #adoptagreyhound #dog #dogsofinstaworld #bangreyhoundexports #bangreyhoundracing #theinstagreyhound #endgreyhoundracing #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #blackdog #blackdogsmatter #blackdogsrule #blackdogsofinstagram

🆘❌ GREYHOUND: DALL’IRLANDA AL PAKISTAN, SOLA ANDATA.❌ (firma #petizione in biografia) ➡️ Nel mese di gennaio 2017 il Ministro dell’Agricoltura irlandese Michael Creed ha dichiararato che “there is no record at this point of direct exports [of greyhounds] to Pakistan“. Dunque secondo lui non ci sarebbero documenti che attestano un’esportazione diretta di greyhound verso il Pakistan.

Il punto è che basta fare qualche ricerca in Internet per rendersi conto che non è vero, è sufficiente andare a cercare con attenzione per scoprire che i greyhound irlandesi sono regolarmente esportati in Pakistan.
Senza la pretesa di essere esaustivi, vediamo qualche dato che riguarda greyhound irlandesi esportati in Pakistan. Tutti i cani, che seguono, sono registrati sul sito http://www.greyhound-data.com come cani irlandesi, nati in Irlanda, quindi sono sono stati chiaramente esportati.
L’All Stars Dhillon Kennel, con sede a Jaranwala (Pakistan), dichiara tra i cani usati per la riproduzione:

Apple Dinamo, nato a marzo 2012,
Breaking News, nato a maggio 2010,
Bridewell Kieran, nato a maggio 2010,
Broadacres Bolt, nato ad aprile 2009,
Karma Steviegee, nato a settembre 2007,
Prop Joe, nato a luglio 2010,
Rocky Bay Black, nato a gennaio 2009,
Turbine Trump, nato ad aprile 2011.

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