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Ready to reload - Freshly sliced banana cream filling on a flaky crust with a hint of whipped cream💨
#Banginliquids #BananaClips #HustleNvape #ModmenCERTIFIED

X 🌑🌒 Morning edit. Dripping @thedripco @thedripco_coffeeshopedition Frattberry. With my @officialcoilart Mage Tricker Setup. Still chucks on a dead battery! Repping that @liquidus_vapors Hoodie. Enjoy 🙏🏼


|Just cruising down the street in this Bangin 🙌 63|
Have you tried this bangin E-liquid?
#BanginLiquids #Lowrider
#Modmen #ModmenCERTIFIED

Clips @liquidus_vapors Practicing consistency. VC: Chicken fucker @colton_mosher

Crunch Time 🌒🌑 Got my new @officialcoilart Mage Mech Tricker Kit. Hits fucking hard. With some Fused Claptons as well! Rocking my @thedripco Bomber Jacket Dripping Frattberry 🔥 This also goes out to my Mini Hawthorne Fam this song reminded me of y'all. Shoutout to @bplem_vapes or I would've slept on this one 😂

My daily lately 🔥 Black Druga @augvapeofficial X Limitless Arms Race @limitlessmodco With some Blueberry Jam @jammonsterliquids 🔥🔥🔥

Raw Clip tonight. Rocking my Black Druga @augvapeofficial X Limitless Arms Race @limitlessmodco Couldn't get the slap 😭 VC: @dylan_trost

#Repost @freshskaterjay
Boiiii #WeOutHereDoe ✌🏻at the new @cks_vape store on Fullerton 🤗
Me & the homies seshing at the shop we got down on some tricks 🔥🛠
Dripping on that carnival by @official_Weoutheredoe 💎WEOUTHEREDOE.com
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💓 Bed handcheck for my new sponsor @sugareliquids 💓
This Strawbery Cookie dipped in Milk flavor is SO good, it's easily one of my favs! 😍


Some raw🙌
Drippin @dreambyshykane @shykaneofficial
Using @hyonmods with @druga.rda @augvape.trick
Edit sooooooooon🤣🤣🤣

Topfil jelly to cheerios❤️

Drippin strawberry jam by @jammonsterliquids with beautiful sunflowers🌻
Sunny day☀️

Challenged FUMI to LASSO🙌🙌🙌🙌
Reppin @vprs_jp_trick_factory
Always at the @vprs_japan_osaka

Short Raw clip🔥
Part of the basic practice⚡️💭 RDTA and MOD and CAP are @limitlessmodco .
The shirt is @banginliquids .

#Limitless #LimitlessModCo #LimitlessMod#BanginLiquids

Hand check of the day!
Drippin on some GOLD by @dreambyshykane @shykaneofficial 💕by @fivestarjuice 🌟
Using my Gyre quick twist red apple by @avidlyfeinc

🇯🇵Raw Part2🔥
I'm blessed with the best mates🙏🏻
@ryohei_vapor made me laugh at the end🤣
#Limitless #LimitlessModCo #LimitlessMod
#banginliquids @banginliquids

Vertical split to forced lasso👑Always at the @vprs_japan_osaka 📍 @vprs_jp_trick_factory edit sooooon🤣🤣🤣

Some raw action🙌
Always drippin on some strawberry waffle scone by @kingsbreakfasteliquid @kingtitusiii 👑by @fivestarjuice 🌟Using my Gyre quick twist red apple by @avidlyfeinc 🍎
Always at the @vprs_japan_osaka 📍

What is Crispy Donuts?lol
@ryohei_vapor クリスピードーナツって何?😂😂w
#Limitless #LimitlessModCo #LimitlessMod
#banginliquids @banginliquids

Spiral action🌀
Juice @kingsbreakfasteliquid
Mod @avidlyfeinc
IB @vaustinl

Fire weapon🔥🔥🔥
THUNDER FLOOD by @FiveStarJuice 🌟strawberry waffle scone by @kingsbreakfasteliquid 👑
Gyre quick twist red apple by @avidlyfeinc 🍎Stacked hyon mod D2C sicario by @hyonmods 🇺🇸

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