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Bangalore needs many more public spaces. Opening this 150 year old war memorial to the public is a good start.
#bangalorediaries #bangalorehistory

#bangalorehistory the ticket cost back then to watch a movie was INR1.25p #britisheraarchitecture

#templerun on a breezy saturday evening.
This 1300 year old temple in begur, Bangalore is testimony to many miracles and super natural powers. Established by erstwhile Ganga Dynasty king and further commissioned by Chola king. Lapped up on the banks next to vast expanse of Begur lake, Naganatheshwar sanctum is home of positive vibrations and cosmic energy. Each of the 5 Panch-linga have their own significance and according to legends and folklore of the localities many of have benefitted from it. The amazing power of this temple is known to be mentioned in the nadi shastra of Agasthya muni. Many believers of this temple have benefitted in all the spheres of life to an extent of becoming rags to riches. It beckons devotees from many countries that include Australia, Malaysia, Uganda etc..
The rustic charm and the marvel of the rashtrakuta architecture is noteworthy. Do visit this little piece of history and be at peace.

#oldebangalore #bangalorehistory

Iced tea and lunch at Koshy's after the #makeheritagefun walk. Really liked the walk and the crowd that showed up. As for Koshy's, I can only talk about the (very limited) vegetarian food. The veg cutlets were amaaazing. Veg biryani - not great. Apparently, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth and Nehru ate here (although I'm sure they never ate the veg biryani). #bangalorehistory #bengaluruheritage #koshys #oldworldcharm

The back of one of the oldest houses still standing in Whitefield, untouched. 🏡
There's just SO much history about Whitefield, and it's so nice to spend afternoons with my grandmother's friends in their porches and to hear their tales of Whitefield and how the community grew, which was once just a small village that focused only on agriculture.
All houses were British owned until they started selling to Indian families ( forever grateful to my grandfather for buying a house here). 👴👵
Still get the chills walking down the streets of Whitefield, looking at apartments where cottages once stood owned by old Anglo Indian couples. Honestly makes me sad, as I have watched these homes with beautiful British architecture turn into schools or apartment buildings overnight, but none of this erases the memories I have of these houses that once stood proud.
I just hope that the few houses that are still standing to not fall prey to developers. 😌 very very lucky to have seen the real Whitefield. .
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