@tbtduluth #tattoo i had the pleasure of making tonight very personal one for me as this band has helped me for a long time and I was able to put this on a soul near and dear to me done @darkwatertattoony #trampledbyturtles #smtrwzrd #owltattoo #rosetattoo #darkwatertattoony #waverlycolorco #traditionaltattoos. #neotraditionaltattoos #bandtattoo #bluegrass #boldwillhold #youdigthemholesandneverfindadime

My first Full Moon in Santa Fe.
I feel like I could reach out and touch her she is so close.
Journal prompts I’ll be exploring over the next 24 hours ~
What is calling to me?
What is lighting me up inside?
How can I integrate pieces of that energy into my life today?
Who am I in relationship with others?
What alienates me from community?
How can I decrease my heaviness?
In what ways am I defensive?
May we have the courage to be honest about the emotional and spiritual weight we are carrying around.
To release this unnecessary energy and refill with a new creative and curiosity. //
Photo I took of @jan.krieger at @dovecreekequinerescuecanyon 🌑

There’s just something about Sunday nights in Santa Fe 🌶 Cheers to my first full week in my new home.

⚡️1st session_ Floral band for Melissa❤️ can’t wait to finish this piece!

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