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Isabel Fernández Reviriego aka Aries. "Adieu or Die" is out on @krecs. #BandBio #Electronic #Spain

A lovely #BandBio photo from @yungestbae. #yungbae

Oakland artist Spellling's "Pantheon of Me" was included on our Best Records of Summer 2017. #BandBio @spellling

Afro-Canadian musician Pierre Kwenders (@pierrekwenders) and 🐩. His second record "MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time" is out on Bonsound (@bonsound). #BandBio #Afrobeat

@napalmdeathofficial. Digital, vinyl and CDs available via @earacherecords. #BandBio #Metal #NapalmDeath #Deathmetal #Grindcore 🤘🏼

The Reptaliens. #BandBio #Portland #Alternative


#GF2017 #bandbio
Having been inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and Ryan Adams, it’s easy to see why Austin Plaine found a love for songwriting and lyrics. The Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter turned to music as his personal outlet and hasn’t looked back since. After having his music featured in a Mastercard commercial, as well as some TV shows, his debut was released in 2015 on Washington Square Music. #austinplaine #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch #livemusic #primitivecamping #botiquemusicfestivals #Franconia #saintarnoldbrewingcompany #noblerey #kendallJackson #birddogwhiskey #indiemusic #musicfestival

Who is the band? Part 2. Jeremy: "I believe in art. To me, all art is play, arranging and rearranging shapes and colors to have fun, send messages, tell jokes and stories, and explore the world around us like children. Paintings and sculptures play with shapes and colors in physical media. Writing, both in prose and poem, is playing with the shapes and colors of words and language. Dance is playing with the shapes and colors of movement. Music is playing with the shapes and colors of sound.

A life well lived is art. I try to play with shapes and colors in everything I do." @jeremyarodgers #bandbio #portrait #lifeisart #shapeofsound #ibelieve #confession #slowcreek #blackandwhite #music #uprightbass #bassist #bass #bassfiddle #virginiamusic #dcmusic #acoustictrio

#GF2017 #bandbio
From the small strange town of Denton, TX comes a small strange rock band called Birds of Night. Their new, self titled album was released in spring of 2015. This is the third full album the band has produced in the past 4 years, and it’s by far their strongest and darkest work to date.
“Birds of Night” is an album that finds itself in many places on the diverse topography of rock and roll. It begins with the pounding relentless groove of “Dark”, then dives to the Sabbath-y fuzzed out haze of “Desert Reflections”, and closes with the heartbreaking space age anthem, “Asleep in the Pine.” It’s an album that was developed in the old tradition. The songs were written and played live for over a year before they were recorded, and the songs were tracked in 4 days. “Birds of Night” was masterfully produced by Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith at his studio, Redwood. Though the album meanders along a wide path of influences, Smith’s artistic production helped stamp a clear identity on the sound of the record and the band.
Birds of Night formed in late 2011. After releasing their jangley, sixties-inspired first album, “Snaps,” they became a fixture in the Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene. The band released their second album “We’re a Family Now” in spring of 2013. Influential Dallas Culture blog Central Track named it one of the top DFW releases that year. In the past 2 years Birds of Night have supported acts like Mac Demarco, Thee Oh Sees, Diarrhea Planet, Tennis, The Love Language, and Futurebirds. After losing a drummer and guitar player, Andrew Rothlisberger (vocals, guitar) and Brooks Martin (bass) enlisted the help of Jon Aisner (drums) and Alex Adams (Guitar). The chemistry between them was undeniable. That chemistry lies at the heart of their sound. #birdsofnight #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch #livemusic #primitivecamping #botiquemusicfestivals #Franconia #saintarnoldbrewingcompany #noblerey #kendallJackson #birddogwhiskey #indiemusic #musicfestival #denton #texas #localartist

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The Dead Flowers are rolling. Their live performances these days are mighty and intense, gritty, straight-edged rock with heavy country undertones and a healthy nod to Texas blues, and they’re just getting started.
Something wild and indescribable happens when the Dead Flowers are onstage, and For You, their fan- funded (via Kickstarter), self-produced debut album, is a remarkable capturing of their tough, intensely satisfying live performances that serves up a polished, stand-alone listening experience all its own.
Solid contributions from every Dead Flowers member were deftly recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Charles Saenz at his Modern Electric Sound Recorders with enough finesse to produce a captivating record, and enough staying out of the way to avoid any studio-induced decoration that might have muddied the power and synergistic triumph of their individual performances. Very few overdubs and no instruments on the record that you don’t see onstage, were conscientious choices that reveal the sophisticated musicianship and rousing, nuanced arrangements dependably delivered in their live shows.
Dead Flowers’ seasoned players were assembled by lead singer and guitarist Corey Howe, who writes deceptively raw and gripping songs that slip on comfortably like the return of well-loved and long-lost friends. With a rare combination of humility, heart, and swagger Howe firmly holds center while, with a seasoned performer’s know-how, generously leaving each of his compadres room to contribute inspired complements.
The album title For You reflects Dead Flowers’ gratitude to their fans and an earnest attempt to deliver something both they and the band can be proud of for decades to come. Their debut signals the arrival of an outfit destined to make them favored sons of the Lone Star state.

#GF2017 #bandbio
Best known for the wildly popular viral video series, “Guy On A Buffalo,” Jomo & The Possum Posse have been rousing crowds since the turn of the millennium (this last one) with their blend of cynicism, dead-eyed soul and anti-machismo honky-tonk. Their cult video series has surpassed 20 million views, garnering national attention from NPR’s All Things Considered, Forbes, G4’s Attack of the Show, and a slew of major media outlets.
The band is led by Jomo Edwards, who’s award-wining lyrics tend to skate the line between the sardonic and the arcane… specifically on roller skates (it’s Texas, so ice is hard to come by). Jomo can also be heard weekly as co-host of Sun Radio’s Behind The Lines – Tuesdays at 8pm and Sundays at high noon.
The band has made a name for themselves as one of the most talented, ridiculous and cerebrally entertaining live acts around. Their latest record, “Local Motive” skews heavily toward roots rock & roll and old-school country.
#jomoandthepossumposse #guyonabuffalo #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch #livemusic #primitivecamping #botiquemusicfestivals #Franconia #saintarnoldbrewingcompany #noblerey #kendallJackson #birddogwhiskey #indiemusic #musicfestival #austin #texas #localartist

#GF2017 #bandbio
Erika Wennerstrom is best known as the lead singer and songwriter of Heartless Bastards. Erika spent the past decade touring with her band, Heartless Bastards, and pushing their unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll into new shapes over five acclaimed albums. Erika is exploring new directions as she works on her upcoming solo album.
#erikawennerstrom #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch #livemusic #primitivecamping #botiquemusicfestivals #Franconia #saintarnoldbrewingcompany #noblerey #kendallJackson #birddogwhiskey #indiemusic #musicfestival #austin #texas #localartist

Alexis - Lead Guitarist.
Lover of comic books, video games, all things music, and has no idea how to use Instagram. Alexis is an all around musician, from guitar and piano to the French horn, he has studied different types of music and loved them all (even country). Mainly influenced by Tom DeLonge and Wes Montgomery, his unique style of playing brings something different to @grandbuffalostation. You can follow him over at @yeahchango to see the crazy things he gets up to.
📸: @iamgc_
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Vince - The Drummer. Penguins. Pineapples. Music and Film. Vince is known for his high energy, and randomness. These traits carry over into his drumming style with his biggest inspirations being Keith Moon of The Who, and Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Although he loves to have fun, when it comes to getting things done musically, things get very serious. When he is not practicing with @grandbuffalostation he is producing music as @twenty_sevenmusic or coming up with new video ideas/capturing nature @livin_vision Always feel free to talk to Vince, but be warned that once he starts he may not stop. 📸: @iamgc_
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Afro-Canadian musician Pierre Kwenders (@pierrekwenders) and 🐩. His second record "MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time" is out on Bonsound (@bonsound). #BandBio #Afrobeat

#GF2017 #bandbio
GENRE I FOLK/PSYCADELLIC ROCK “It started with golf clubs and country clubs, but now it’s all rock clubs,” Liz says, giggling. She spent the majority of her life developing her golf skills, only to drop her college scholarship to move to Nashville and pursue music. “Writing songs and playing the guitar came as naturally to me as golf did. But music tickled my brain in a way nothing else ever could.” But, Liz didn’t know a soul in Nashville when she moved. So, she went and got a job at a familiar place: a country club. “Liz may not have known anyone when she moved here,” says the Stampede low-end provider Grant. “But now, I feel like she knows pretty much every person she walks past. She just doesn’t stop smiling, and people don’t stop smiling back.” Coincidentally—or not so coincidentally cuz, well, Nashville—some fellow co-workers at the country club also had a band. They called themselves Future Thieves, and they offered to record Liz’s first EP, Monsters. After that, Liz began writing songs as frequently as she smiles. She formed a band with Ky Baker on drums and Grant Prettyman on the weird long guitar, and they recorded the Live at the Silent Planet EP. And now, there’s enough new songs to record a full-length album.“The record we’re working on now is a combination of Liz’s darkly-lit, reclusive songwriting habits, and Grant and I’s Rolling Rock induced rock and roll” chimes Ky. “It’s about bringing our different styles together to create something that makes us all question what kind of music we even like anyways.”

#GF2017 #bandbio
Matthew Logan Vasquez is feeling optimistic.
That’s not necessarily apparent the first time you spin his new full-length solo album. Each track on Matthew Logan Does What He Wants feels urgent and intense. Impatient landlords, financial woes and other frustrations fan the agitation embedded in the opening track, “Same.” Isolation darkens the brooding images of “From Behind The Glass.” Death takes a bow on “The Fighter.” Vasquez can’t help but juxtapose the celebration of “Fatherhood” with a lament that “we ain’t got the money to pay the hospital.” The music enhances this impression. As fans of his work with Delta Spirit and Middle Brother know well, Vasquez knows how to fuse passion and poetry in his writing and then ignite this volatile mix with extraordinarily expressive singing. In this sense he stands as a peer and a worthy successor to those who influenced him as an up-and-coming artist — Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed and others often mentioned, none of them known for their upbeat, sunny lyrics. With the 2016 release Solicitor Returns. “That last record had a sarcastic, darker tone. The new one is just as hard-hitting and wide-ranging but with a more positive message.” This becomes clearer when you replay Does What He Wants and listen more carefully. On the surface, “Tall Man” unfolds as a journey into self-destruction. But at the end, the subject of the story is repeating “I know I can change,” each time with escalating emotion as brought to life in Vasquez’s searing vocal. “Bad things happen in the song,” he acknowledges. “But it all leads to an epiphany. And that is positive. The truth rarely comes to you in an easy way — not unless you’re a wiser person than I am. “My point is that life is a struggle,” Vasquez continues. “But how can you have optimism and hope if you don’t have something negative? Context is what makes it meaningful.” For Vasquez, context involves drawing from dramatically different settings. Growing up in Texas and along the California coast, hunkering down for years in Brooklyn as he finessed his music in a mor

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If Joy Division had an emotive range that extended beyond despair and melancholy they may have sounded a little bit like the Midnight Stroll. Dark-hued, but not entirely gloomy, it may be more fair to speak of the Austin duo in the context of other 80’s UK bands like the Jesus and the Mary Chain and the Wake–with a little bit of whirling guitar wails of early Cocteau Twins sprinkled on top. Listen to the first moments of their new record “Heartbreak Bugaloo” and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Reverbed percussion and a thick bass line move like molasses beneath a longing synthesizer and a soaring electric guitar in the opening breath of the Midnight Stroll’s debut LP. But don’t get comfortable, as soon as the song harks back to some 80’s gothic shadows, Aaron Behren’s extravagantly flamboyant vocals descend into the mix–it’s about as far as one can get from the cool monotone that many of those UK vocalists preferred. There really is no neat comparison to Behren’s vocal style, but the only time on the record when one can safely liken his voice to another’s is on “Losing My Mind” where he, appropriately, sounds like a manic Robert Smith.
Keep your ears open for this Austin two-piece, they’re bringing something special to the airwaves.
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The history of North Texas band Oil Boom can be traced back to a simply worded Craigslist “Musicians Wanted” ad, placed at the tail end of 2009. Whereas most such ads tend to lead to uncomfortable pairings of disparate influences and stylistic aesthetics, guitarist/vocalist Ryan Taylor (formerly of Oklahoma City roots-rock stalwarts The Rounders) and St. Louis expatriate drummer Dugan Connors, proved the exception to the rule, bonding over their mutual affection for lo-fi blues and 60s garage rock. With the arrival of bassist Steve Steward (founding member of Ft. Worth stoner rock bands Epic Ruins and Vorvon) the group’s sound expanded dramatically and their live shows developed a reputation for consistent audience head-turning. Building on that momentum, the Gold Yeller EP, arrived in 2012, which has since garnered considerable airplay and spawned a legitimate radio mainstay in “The Great American Shakedown.” Their full length debut, Red Metal, arrived in 2014 and was produced by Grammy award winning engineer Jordan "Son of Stan" Richardson (Ben Harper/Charlie Musselwhite, Quaker City Night Hawks). The album subsequently landed a number of TV and movie song placements and the lead single, “The Sneak Tip” was selected as the featured track on NPR’s popular “Heavy Rotation” radio program. After stints on the road with heavyweights like Social Distortion and Old 97s and at home opening for Johnny Marr and The Hold Steady, Oil Boom is poised to vindicate Craigslist-linked musicians the world ever. Currently hard at work on a full-length follow-up to Red Metal, the group has plans for a spring 2017 release and national tour.
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Oakland artist Spellling's "Pantheon of Me" was included on our Best Records of Summer 2017. #BandBio @spellling

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"I didn't want to leave anything on the table when I was recording this album," songwriter Ronnie Fauss says of his third album, Last of the True. "I wanted to empty my notebook."
The strongest, widest-reaching album of his career, Last of the True finds Fauss looking to his own record collection for inspiration. He's a genuine fan of the Americana catalog, and he nods to those influences here, duetting with Ben Kweller one minute and tackling a handful of cover songs — including tunes popularized by Uncle Tupelo and Okkervil River, as well as an updated, piano-fueled version of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)" — the next. With nearly a dozen original songs adding heft and variety to the tracklist, Last of the True is something rare: a modern-day Americana gem, as well as a celebration of the older sounds that influenced the genre.
Recorded with members of Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earle, Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris' touring bands, Last of the True continues Fauss' evolution as an acclaimed singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He even produced the album himself, working alongside engineer and former Centro-matic drummer Matt Pence, who hosted most of the recording sessions at his own Echo Lab studio in Argyle, Texas.
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Our 'Love of Lippy' benefit show @thehauntithaca is only days away!! 📣 Join us Sunday 10/8 from 4pm -8pm for music, prizes, food, fun, and a wonderful cause, helping a wonderful human! 😊 ***Artist Info*** The Blindspots @theblindspots
Band Bio:
This all original, five-piece moxy rock band steered by magnetic songstress and force of nature Maddy Walsh has been actively touring the country after the release of its third studio album, RHIZOMATIC, which was accompanied by several music videos released at two sold-out premieres in their hometown of Ithaca, NY.

The Blind Spots have shared festival bills with Lake Street Dive, Amy Helm, Rubblebucket, Donna the Buffalo, Sharon Jones, John Brown's Body, The Punch Brothers, Brett Dennen, Jim Lauderdale, Steve Earle, Anders Osborne, etc. and have shared city event bills with Blues Traveller at Blue Cross Arena, Rochester; Eddie Money in Albany, NY; and Rusted Root both at Tussey Mountain, PA and in Friendsville, PA. The band has played the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance the past six years; Virginia Key Grassroots Festival in Miami, FL; Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Pittsboro, NC; Corning Glass Museum; Rochester Lilac Festival (119 years running) alongside Dr. Dog, the Psychedelic Furs, and Ana Popovich among others.; several colleges including the University of Vermont, Cornell University, SUNY Brockport, and Elmira College; the State Theatre of Ithaca; The Basement in Nashville, TN; Johnny D's in Somerville, MA; both The Bowery Electric and Rockwood Music Hall in New York City; the Florida Music Festival and Conference in Orlando, FL; Dewey Beach Music Conference in Dewey Beach, DE, etc.

The band shows no signs of slowing as it continues to expand its touring radius, gaining new fans and momentum with each electrifying live performance.

Bio from: www.theblindspots.com
Band Photo by: Whitney Nichols Photography

All event info can be found under the tag: #loveoflippy
FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1940237119559321/?ti=cl
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San Antonio-born Walt Wilkins has been called a genius, more than once, and a writer the caliber of John Steinbeck and his voice as comfortable as a pair of old blue jeans, and he is, and has, all of that. His crafting of story-songs, hard-edged vocals to sing them and a plaintive guitar have made him a fixture of the Texas music scene (and Nashville before that). He’s put his magical touch on recordings by new and veteran artists, too many to count.
Is he near done? Hasn’t he done it all? Double hell no.

With The Mystiqueros, Wilkins has created something of a “Texas Hill Country super-group” that features five great singers and four great songwriters from the heart of the Lone Star State, all of whom have made their own records and are flush with recording credits. “I am fortunate that I play my songs across a wide region that is filled with folks who find comfort, enjoyment & meaning in coming out to listen to folks like myself. I am fortunate that enough folks come out, generally, that I can come back to those places and play my songs again. I am lucky, I think, that I knew my calling at an early age, and at one point in my life, I took the necessary steps to follow that calling out into the world. I am still learning how to listen to, and stay true to the voice, and true to the work I am given. I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do try to take seriously this work; this calling. I play some nights just me and my guitar, and some nights with my talented and funny wife, Tina. And some nights with the The Mystiqueros, a living art collective, a hill country jukebox, one of the bands on the bill in honky-tonk heaven. I drive, I play, I sleep and dream. I have had a fair share of songs recorded by other folks, which was my dream all along, and I have played shows with heroes & real poets & the deepest of cats. But I live for the gig tonight, and tomorrow. I am fortunate... and I hope to see you down this road.”
#waltwilkinsandthemystiqueros #waltwilkins #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch

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Wild Child doesn’t want a place to hide. Song after song, town after town, they’ll wear their hearts on their sleeves, addicted to the rush that only comes when thousands of strangers know all your secrets and sing them back to you, because they’re their secrets, too. “It’s not necessarily the performing that’s addictive, but being able to connect with that many people at once,” says Kelsey Wilson, who shares lead vocal and songwriting responsibilities for the Austin-based seven-piece band with Alexander Beggins. “You feel like you’re together in something––like you experience the whole thing together. It’s family therapy with a lot of dancing.” Wild Child’s third album Fools (out via Dualtone Records) is an ambitious collection of lush pop that takes sad stories and transforms them into an ebullient love letter to the power of music and the art of living with yourself. #wildchild #bandbios #RockedNeverBucked #underthestars #bootjackranch #livemusic #primitivecamping #botiquemusicfestivals #Franconia #saintarnoldbrewingcompany #noblerey #kendallJackson #birddogwhiskey #indiemusic #musicfestival #austin #texas #localartist

Goldthwaite Festival 2017 I Band Bio
#GF2017 #bandbio
Three years on from their critically acclaimed “barbeque” record Corsicana Lemonade, White Denim is back with more than just a new album to commemorate. Their sixth record, Stiff - out 25 March 2016 via Downtown/Sony Red - is a return to the Austin quartet’s frenetic rock band roots, and is both a jubilant thrill ride and joyous celebration of their past ten years. Heading into the studio with an external producer to oversee a whole album for the first time - and even writing a tune with Cass McCombs (‘Thank You’) - the band teamed up with the legendary Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Laura Marling, The Staves) to produce their first truly live record, one teeming with a cool ‘70s undertow, tumultuous riffs and a feverish energy that’s resulted in arguably some of their biggest and brawniest songs to date.

For the most part, Stiff is an album crammed with adrenaline-fuelled sing-alongs that show off the band’s staple technical abilities. But it’s also one that sees some new shades that they’ve developed along the way, too. Citing new wave and the razor-sharp pop punk of Buzzcocks as influences this time round, there’s an addictive Elvis Costello circa This Year’s Model quality to ‘Real Deal Momma’, a tune that highlights the band’s love for hummable synthesisers and curious, affecting oddities. Then there’s the cow bell calm and backing vocals laden brilliance of ‘I’m The One (Big Big Fun)’, that along with ‘Take It Easy (Ever After Lasting Love)’ (a song Petralli says “wants to be on a collection of doo wop songs written in 2016”) shows a softer and more intricate side to the band while fully emphasising Petralli’s vocal excellence.
Recorded with nothing but equipment that Petralli describes as being “past a certain point in the ‘70s”, he explains that Stiff is an album made “entirely the old way”. “It was tracked live to 16-track tape with very little overdubs,” he says. “It was very hardcore record making – traditional in every aspect.” Recorded with Ethan Johns in Asheville, North Carolina over a twenty-day period, Petralli and the band had an intense but deeply

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