Barca, 2018

I’ve been thinking about the past a lot lately and how I started. No idea why. Just one of those things I guess. I found myself with my now wife @carolinemcgillivray in London about 15 years ago with a contax 645 and spent my days roaming the streets wide eyed and mesmerised by the European light. This was one of the first portraits I ever took. There has always been this desire for simplicity in my portraiture and have long admired the work of Alec Soth, Joel Sternfeld, Joel Meyerwitz and lately Jon Tonks. That ability to create a strong sense of calm and unease in the frame is my favourite thing about their work and good portraiture. That ability to create a feeling beyond the frame is what it’s all about for me. Sometimes I think I’m successful and other times not so much. After London I headed over to Italy to a tiny mountainside town of Zocca. I hitchhiked my way there from Bologna with nothing more than a camera and a book about Italian Gastronomy that I used to plot a course and explore the region. I wanted to photograph all the traditional artisans of the area - from the bee keepers to the providores to the cheese makers. Again I don’t really know why. I was never really that interested in food photography. But there was something simple and timeless about it that as important to me then and still is important to me now. I stayed in the town for about a month in a great mountain-style chalet surrounded by people who couldn’t speak a word of English. We would communicate with bad pen on napkin drawings that often ended up with me borrowing the hotel owners wife’s pushbike and riding through the mountains all day with my camera in search of these gastronomic artisans. Getting lost, no helmet, camera in basket in the front and solo. They were days that I’ll never forget and that I need to remember. As I soon head to the States I will be armed with my Pentax 67ii and a strong desire to remember what it’s all about for me. Those off moments. That quiet pause and platitude. That sense of calm unease and fascinating banality. For me it comes down to that juxtaposition always. But capturing it is the real challenge.

Banal coffee drinking is so elegant only by the presence of a rose 🌹...
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