ONE LAST PIC OF THE MARVELOUS PIC of our last meal at Riga Old Town!!!! Check out @edgeofaleaf and her new post about another iconic old town spot you wouldnt wanna miss! #Trompete is great, but that spot - it's even greater. Trust me.

Clearly I have always been more fascinated by the workings of mother nature than buildings and sculptures frequented by mainstream tourists. But the St. Peter's Church captured my attention immediately because it was the tallest point at Old Town Riga. Upon googling, I realised the church itself has come a long, arduous way since the 15th century. It was destroyed so many times - by lightning, wars... and reconstructed so many times. The determination of Latvians to preserve this antique building is just amazing. This sense of cultural appreciation is seen not just in the Old Town, but also in the super hyped Baltica Festival! #baltica2018 this trip has certainly upped my appreciation for culture and tradition 🙂

See, foodamigas is serious about getting the right food shots. But not going against my principle of #dontbefakewithfood tho! Because i swear i did not edit this man! ☺☺☺ anyway, moving onto the next big thing: i am welcoming my fellow #foodamiga - @cloudythecloud_ - as my guest food critic! Please join me in welcoming her takeover for the next few posts! STAY TUNED FOR THE BEST OF THE BEST OF #REALGOODFOOD!!! Once again, #dontbefakewithfood yo! Love you guys❤


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