Clean snake tanks!
Top is my 2.5 year old snow corn, Frost, in a 20 gallon long.
Bottom is my 2.5 year old bumblebee ball python Fitwilliam in a 30 gallon. #cleantanks #snaketank #ballpythonenclosure #cornsnaketank #cornsnake #ballpython #snakecare #ballpythoncare #cornsnakecare

i'm excited for the summer temperatures so i can take monty on walks with me 🚶🏻‍♂️🐍

Here is little no eyes/no name in her tank! The left side is the cool side, the hide in the back has a super soft wood polishing cloth so she has some different texture and a soft place to lay down, and i gave her a plant so she can try a little climbing. It also has her water bowl and some moss, just more sensory enrichment. The right side is her warm side, it has a UTH and the thermometer and hygrometer. She’ll be in this setup probably for almost a year, and then i’ll bump her up to a 20 gallon. The seller told me not to put her in anything too large. #noeyes #eyelessballpython #ballpython #superblast #superblastballpython #babyballpython #babyballpythontank #ballpythonenclosure #snaketank

here is @cheechas_bettas holding monty on saturday, showing us that he's almost prettier in shed (dare i say?)

ah crap i dropped it lol, at least he caught it....sort of 😅 i'm also excited because he's finally in his second shed with me, trying to make it go perfectly this time 🤞🏻

Finished the new Gladitor Pit for our Ball Python. Styrofoam wall and cave took forever due to grouting, and sealing 4-5 costs but it’s all set. Getting temp/humidity dialed in for the snake’s move into his new home. #ballpython #ballpythonsofinstagram #snakesofinstagram #reptilesofinstagram #snakelife #snakeenclosure #ballpythonenclosure #reptileenclosure #snakelover #snakelovers #scales #reptileprime

he knocked down the leaves that cover his hammock overnight - that must've been a sight to see 😹

I found a fish tank stand for cheap today that fits Clu’s tank! So here’s the official set up with Rinzler and Clu next to each other in my yoga room😃😃😃 #reptileenclosure #cluthepastelballpython #rinzlertheindonesianbts #bluetongueskink #skinkenclosure #ballpython #ballpythonenclosure #snaketank #skinktank #lizardtank #ballpythonmorphs #pastelyellowbellyballpython #pastelyellowbelly #vanillapastelballpython #scaleybaby #reptileroom #reptiles

well i think monty won this tug of war game haha

just playing for a little while before i feed him, after today i'll be out of hoppers and i'm thinking he'll need to move onto weaned mice!

how's the view up there monty?

Clu’s official set up! 40gal with under tank heating mat (with thermostat) and ceramic heat emitter with dimmer switch on the left side of the tank. A hide on either side with fake plants and logs for additional cover and cypress mulch for humidity. The top is a sliding locking screen top that I’ve taped to keep in humidity and heat. I also got an infrared temperature gun to measure surface temp, and I highly recommend one if you have a reptile! I also got digital thermometer and hygrometers because they are way more accurate! 😊 All I need now is to get a stand instead of the fold up table I have him on now. #snakeenclosure #ballpythonenclosure #ballpythontank #reptilesofinstagram #pastelballpython #cluthepastelballpython

this was his second attempt at eating this mouse, the first attempt he striked but then let go of it and decided he wanted to slither out of his feeding tank lol. i figured i'd try one last time while he was half out of the tank and surprisingly he took it and just finished chomping down now!

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