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Had to make a change to Belle's tank today. I love the look we get with the cypress substrate but it made regulating the temperature in her hide very difficult. No matter how much I adjusted the thickness of the bedding her temps were still too high even when she wasn't in it. Decided to go back to using aspen under her hide. Looks a little different but not too bad #ballpythonenclosure #ballpython #ballpythons #ballpythonmorphsofinstagram

Those of you that have owned reptiles know that plastic reptile plants and decorations are boring and expensive. The hand and the skull are very small and cost well over $40. Thus, I decided to make my own decorations. No, they're not "realistic" like most people choose to do but then again, my ball python is a morph that would never live in a realistic environment anyway. Dollar store flowers, hot glue, and styrofoam were all I had to purchase. Cost less than $10 and now Clarice won't get her chubby body stuck in the tiny skull, her enclosure will be more interesting, and she will have more to hide behind. #crafting #ballpythonenclosure #problemsolving

I just realized I forgot to post Ouroboros' new tank! Seeing as he's so active, I figured it was time for a bigger one. Now he can stretch almost his entire body out. His second hide is in the making, and I'm a happy camper. ❀ #snake #ballpython #herpsofinstagram #ballpythonenclosure

It's time for Miss Cleo's #feeding A nice big juicy rat for her! #snakestrike #ballpythonenclosure #ballpythonsofinstagram

Got my tub set up!! 5 different hides /tunnels hidden in about 60 quarts of reptichip. Nice and cozy for a nervous baby!! #ballpythonenclosure #ballpython

Wow look at how beautiful he is 😍 the markings on this snake are just amazing! And just like planned he moved right into his heated hideπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ #pastellesser #ballpython #lesser #pastellesserballpython #snake #ballpythonenclosure #ballpythonmorphs


Snakes are supposedly monsters, right? They totally want to kill you and eat you, right? Except they're not. And they don't. Snakes want nothing to do with harming you, unless they perceive you as a threat. And if you respect them, even if you don't like them, they will most likely not hurt you. Sampson is chilling here on my shoulders. He could make breathing very uncomfortable, if he wanted to. He could give me a nice bite, if he wanted to. But look at him. He's so gentle. And he's a rescue. His last owner didn't feed him properly. The pet store had to nurse him back to health. He has a past. And yet he still has not attacked me. I've had him for 2.5 weeks. He's hissed at me, but not attacked. Once I pick him up after the hissing, he's cool. He's such a good boy. Snakes don't want to hurt you. Respect them, and you'll most likely be fine.
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