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"Maya was changing after a long and stressful day at her last period gym class.
She had just started High School, and Grade 9 gym was WAY more rigorous than her previous elementary school.
Pissed of at her teacher for constantly telling her to "Get in gear", she was ready to change and be over with today.
Ironically, he had snuck out early and hid in the girls change room to get a peek at her in her tight sexy underwear.
She was the last one in, being exhausted and taking her time getting there.
He hid himself under the locker room bench.
It was just him and her, and he could feel his dick throbbing in his pants as he watched her bend over right above him.
But his excitement got the better of him!
And she immediately saw him after he accidentally bumped the locker room bench.
Before the teacher could even attempt to explain himself, she raised her foot as high as she could
and SLAMMED it down into his crotch!!
He gasped in pain and screamed out, but the girls locker room was sound proof.
"GET UP!" she yelled at him still clutching his aching balls.
She had no patience, so she kicked his hands aside and grabbed him by the balls lifting him upwards!
The teacher screamed again and pleaded "AAGGGHH, let go you're gonna pop them!!"
She grinned and said, "Noooo, but this might!!"
Maya immediately and swiftly kneed him in the crotch as HARD as she could!!
Not on that, but she just kept kneeing him over, and over, and over and over again!
The teacher passed out from the pain but she didn't stop.
She held him up by sheer force and anger, continuously slamming her knee into his manhood.
Maya was seeing red, and his balls were already black and blue.
By the time he awoke, his felt a swelling in his pants.
His balls grew to the size of a grapefruit, and throbbed in pain.
The school was locked up for the night, and he had nowhere to go.
All he could do was think about how a 14 year old high school girl had completely busted his balls;
a fully grown man completely decimated by a bratty young teenager."#ballbusting #kickinthenuts #kickintheballs #ballsqueeze #kneeintheballs #kickintheballs #ballbust #ballkick

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