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Her first 🏀practice, she did awesome. #justturn3#notababynomore#ballah#killinit#soproudofher

By @teamvic via @RepostWhiz app:
As camp approaches, I just want to thank my brother @skilled_31 for being a great teammate and teaching me how to lead by example. Not just with my actions all the time but teaching me that sometimes you have to talk to certain individuals to get your point across. Love you brother and wish great health and success in Chicago. 🙏🏾
This is what you call brotherhood. I don't even know if @teamvic knows how much this means to me. As a friend and as a teammate we have always pushed each other to be GREAT! I have witnessed this dude develop into the man he is today PHENOMENAL person. Last year I witnessed one of the most painful injuries of my career ......This year @teamvic will help me witness one of the best comebacks in the history of the game. Now go give me that SALSA BABYBOY. @teamvic love u bruh. Go give them hell homie and stay safe. Prayers up!!!

Vitamin D in Bed with this little bed hog #ballah

circa 2013: okay but remember when this girl scored the game winning shot to beat West Charlotte while I still had braces and a broken ankle?!?! What a #BALLAH.
Thankful I get to celebrate you not only today but everyday Al. You da best and thanks for doing #LIFE with me. Happy Birthday homie 🎊🎈

Dat shirt doe! #ballah come check me out at JN

6 year old season highlights💙🏈 #ballah

Willow 's face painting and cracks on Star as a cracked doll for Halloween. ...wshooo...#crackeddoll #ballah #partyplanner


Our amazing apartment! #goldcoast

Marooush - egypt/arabic restaurant w bellydance and delicious dishes #marooush #delicious #food #bellydance #egypt #arabic #arabian #şiştavuk #chicken #candlelight #cocktail #coconutkiss #thum #ballah

✨ 잠시머리를 식히러, 근데 폭염주의보☀️
일상으로 복귀전 생각의 시간 갖기🌈

쨍한 날씨 ☀️ 아래 더욱 반짝반짝🌟

길이감만 느껴지게 업업🎶 이물감 😭없떠욥👍
속눈썹연장은 사랑입니다☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ @dewsoul84_


귀욤귀욤 😊 심플하지만 느낌있는

여기는 천안 두정동 ballah 입니다👀


시원해보이는 블루💕

취향저격😆 밝은 고객님 얼굴에 행복한 @dewsoul84_

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