Dessert case at Marietta Diner. #balkoweddingbonanza

Most gorgeous bride. #latergram #balkoweddingbonanza

Time with the bride before walking down the aisle. So special. #balkoweddingbonanza

It's that time!! #balkoweddingbonanza

My cutesy date to @hannahefrost and @rbalko rehearsal din. #balkoweddingbonanza

Beauty. Raw sex appeal. Invigoration. More beauty. These are some of my favorite things about @jaredmoody . #appreciation #love #balkoweddingbonanza #dolphinsqueal

4th party. Abercrombie Model party broke out.

Once upon a time there was a man. He traveled to Marietta, GA for an epic wedding weekend full of funtivities, lovely friends, and happy days. But there was one small problem: he only had four complete sets of Cornhole bags. Craigslist saved the day. Thank you Craigslist. Once upon a time there was a man. A man who was late to a pre-wedding 4th of July extravaganza, waiting in a Home Depot parking lot for a stranger to arrive with a fifth set of Cornhole bags. Thank you founding fathers, thank you Craiglist, and thank you @dldean for you just being you. #love #happyfourth #balkoweddingbonanza #dolphinsqueal

I have no words. #balkoweddingbonanza

"Hello, my name is Grant. I just spilled water on my pants." #balkoweddingbonanza

Good southern eatin'! #balkoweddingbonanza

A-Town A-List at the #BalkoWeddingBonanza. What a blast!

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