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The worst thing that happened to you, that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized.
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Happy birthday Talia Shire!! 🎉 You played such a great role in Rocky and your relationship was goals! It wouldn't be the same without you!! 💕 I always wanted to be you in the film because you married Rocky 😂😊 Love you Talia (Adrian) ❤️
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Photo Challenge: High angle

This shot is a 30 second exposure overlooking the 163 as it winds its way into #downtown #sandiego!

Swivel swivel swivel w/ @save_the_fireflies 👊💞 #balboa #swingdance

Focus on you, until the focus is on you. ❤ #QuikNFit 📸 @cassandradfit


Ma si può rinunciare ad un aperitivo così, col sole calante e il venticello e la stanchezza e lo stress e la voglia di starsene in pace? "Un moscow mule per me"🥒🍹
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Day 212

After yesterday, I hoped, I prayed that today would be better.
I'm glad to say I did. The DOMs were still there, but just slightly. Every now and then they would pop there head and remind me, lol.
It was good today, felt productive, got so much sorted, more than I thought I would. I have even managed to complete some stuff I was going to do tomorrow. Which means tomorrow can be a bit more relaxed. Plus it off on rugby tour in the afternoon. So it's all systems go. One thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow is, losing my Nando's virginity! I have seen you all go on about it, it's time to ind out if the hype is worth it. I'm sure it will be. If it is, I may be eating there for the next here days lol.
Gym session this evening, can you guess what day it was, yep it was LEG day. It was tough, my legs still sore from the other day. But I pushed through. Gym was stupidly busy, so it took a while, think everyone was doing leg day too. Every time I went for the leg press, it was busy, final gave up and decided to do barbell squats, one set in, what becomes free, the leg press. So I ended up with an extra squat set for the day.
Now I have to say I missed the intensifiers at the end, as I just ran out of time. However I did the walking lunges instead of the normal lunges (I seem to find them easier) plus extremely proud of myself, having never done them before, and in all honesty bypassing them if I had to. I competed curtsy squats, they weren't the prettiest, but I did em!! It was great I had my son with me, and we did them in front of the mirror, looked like a scene out of rocky, lol.
Think maybe that's what I need some times a gym partner, someone to push me, someone for me to push, someone to help go that extra mile.
Food 95% ok today. Picked a bit this evening. But only a little.
Going to weigh in tomorrow, see how I have done over the last few weeks, in feeling good. It looks and feels like I have lost a bit more, we will see.
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Radium Hot Club opening 17th June 2017.

Swivel swivel swivel w/ @save_the_fireflies 👊💞 #balboa #swingdance

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