We know you’re busy but I’m about to help with that. Customers ask me all the time about freezing Galettes.... the answer is 💯YES DO IT! Thaw at room temperature 10-15 minutes then pop them in a 275° oven or (toaster oven) for 5-7 minutes until they are golden 🔆 Serve with a fried egg or a quick chopped salad and you’ve got an spectacular meal. We start with our weekly farm baskets to look for combinations that are perfectly suited together.
@artsdistrictmarket Wednesday 4-7 or @riversideartsmarket Saturday 10-3
#bakefearlessly #eatfearlessly

We are so happy to have local blueberries back in our granola. Stop by @riversideartsmarket Saturday 10-3 to get yours Chai Spice or Cherry Pistachio 📸 @_grits #bakefearlessly

Sometimes I look at people and think 💭 they weight -3 bags of King Arthur or - This baby is a 1/8 bag of Florida Crystals. Is that weird? #bakefearlessly

It’s almost time to meet up under the bridge. 10-3 Saturday @riversideartsmarket is just one of the reasons JAX is so cool- our Virginia Tomato 🍅 Pie is just one more reason♥️ #bakefearlessly

“Drop the bombe on that 💣we win” said to the particular Rainy Monday Morning (especially when you’ve picked up all the provisions for a kickin’ breakfast @riversideartsmarket the weekend before.) 📸 @edibleneflorida #eatfearlessly

Pretty excited to be a part of this! It’s been awhile since we’ve had another regular gig. Come out Wednesday evenings for a good time! #shoplocal #lovewhereyoulive

Seeing 💫 on this glorious day. We’ll be under the Bridge Saturday 10-3 come say hello to our Market family @riversideartsmarket #bakefearlessly baking the world a better a better place♥️

Easter is come and gone but we’ve got the naturally gorgeous eggs. In some cases we even know the Hens name🐔!#bakefearlessly #knowyourfarmer

We’ll have a few of these beauties for your Easter 🐣 table at @riversideartsmarket today from 10-3 while they last! Lemon curd Cream Danish Braid & a Strawberry Cream Danish Braid #bakingfearlessly

Mulberry time. We love foraged foods thanks @saturiwatradingco for these beauties#bakefearlessly

Florida you are too good to us🍓(we’ll be crazy irritated with you in about 6 weeks when you’re sitting at 98% humidity & 95° and my hair looks like this 🦔) but today nothing but love.

We see you Florida 🍓come see us early tomorrow they won’t last long.
@riversideartsmarket @gastrofest

Galettes are our Love Language We always start with our farmers, checking to see what’s fresh from the fields, then the magic starts for us. ♥️ #bakefearlessly

St. Patrick’s got nothing on this beauty🍀pistachio Swiss Meringue Butter Cream #bakefearlessly

Spoon Bread, Swoon Bread😳. Pecan meal, grated 🍎, housemade chia granola and kombucha glaze 🤤🤤🤤#bakefearlessly

Everything in its place. Organize your kitchen before you even begin to think about jumping into work. #bakingfearlessly

Our “faux mage” Cashew Vegan Cheese is the perfect start to your Sunday 🌞we ferment raw cashews in lactobacillus and add fresh local herbs and garlic. #eatfearlessly 📸 @edibleneflorida

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