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Feeling B L U E ☔️ thank you @cherrybombemag for spreading the #bakingforpeace 💙idea

The other day, someone asked why I cook and if I always knew I wanted to make a career out of it. Instead of saying yes straightaway as I normally do, I took a moment to give the longer answer. Which is no. I starting cooking--baking rather--as a coping mechanism when my parents were getting a divorce. Before then I had little knowledge or interest in the chemistry and love that can be found in the kitchen. These days, more than ever, I'm seeking out small, de-creeping moments of self love and finding them--as I have for the last 15-odd years--tucked in jars of flour, sugar, and spice. In all of this, where are you finding space for a bit of self care and a moment to recharge for the fight? Wherever and whatever it is, I strongly hope you give yourself permission to lean into it and offer it to others where you can. #bakingforpeace #resistancebaking #debrooklynàparis

Because baking is nurturing, loving and invites to share, pause and listen to others, it may be the little thing we all can do to spread peace and stop anger in these unsettling, turbulent times.
I invite you all, my favourite foodistas and bakers to get #bakingforpeace and to inspire others with your wonderfully delicious 🍰. Thank you @cherrybombemag for spreading the message with me. Love you guys for inspiring women in such a positive and smart way. ❤🍰
Share your own creation, tag #bakingforpeace so we sprinkle the world with a little love.❤ #food #peace #baking #cakes

Menu testing for @killecoffee
Coffee Cake


25 years, love you Chef.❤
#25thanniversary #bakingforpeace

I've been thinking a lot about the role food can play in the coming days, weeks, and months, but today it was simply a respite, a moment of calm. #bakingforpeace #lovetrumpshate

Who's baking today and what are you making? Regram from @by.alyssajasmine. 📷 by @nicolegracen. #bakingforpeace #sunday 💛

After this weeks news, I was hoping that baking would help a little. After baking pear ginger scones and our house favorite apple pie I'm still working through things. #bakingforpeace of mind

Today's recipe testing for the @cherrybombemag cookbook. Recipe from @joythebaker, hard labor and pie crust letters from @byrnefahey, aka Byrne the Intern. What a week. Thank goodness for pie. #bakingforpeace #bombesquad ✌🏾🙏


We're back at Beaches Green Market 2-5 and Ram 10-3 this Saturday
Come and get it!
@riversideartsmarket @beacheslocalfood @diglocalnetwork

Born out of the kitchens of @my_grandmothers_pie and @provision_goods, we can't wait to feed you Jacksonville!

Tired of the same old breakfast choices? Not us, we're just over here dreaming up new combinations to start your day like a 🥇

Mixing up a classic chocolate blackberry mint 🤤

We are so happy for summer fruits! They make the most delicious Galettes 🤤🤤🤤

No matter what his term of endearment is we've got the right gift for him. Pop into West Elm 4-8 tonight or RAM tomorrow 10-3 or Beaches Green 2-5 ☔️ or ☀️

Where back and hitting it hard 🏃
Friday 4-8 West Elm TC @westelmjax
Saturday 10-3 @riversideartsmarket
Saturday 2-5 @diglocalnetwork beaches green market

How is there not a PIE emoji? Its a 😭 shame! Stop by the Provision booth @riversideartsmarket on Saturday to pick up one of these beauties.

Feeling down? Feeling great? We've got the perfect cookie for that.
Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Carmelita's are our favorite 😍

A natural Beauty. There are only four ingredients that go into our all butter pie shell. Local organic blueberries, Florida cane sugar, tangerines zest & and the most local ginger we can find (straight out of our garden) 🌱

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