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So when I become *rich* 🤔guess I can stop racing quads and race these Baja buggys instead.... 😝-spotted in dwellinup on Saturday! #desertracing #offroad #bajabuggy

So I upgraded my microfibers, I purchased another 30 pack of assorted colors giving me 20 green for compound, 20 yellow for waxes and detail spray, and 20 blue microfibers for polish, I also purchased another large drying towel giving me a total of 3, 3 glass cleaning microfibers, and another 10 pack of light blue microfibers for my interior giving me a total of 20. In addition to all of that I purchased one more wash mitt for a total of 2. Doing this also meant I had to buy a bigger container to store them. I also bought one for all of my cleaning supplies and used my old microfiber container for my polishing rags and metal polish. More addition to come. I am slowly building the perfect automotive detail set. If you have any questions about my setup feel free to comment or dm me. #bajabuggy #detailersdream #itsthatimportant #perfection #almostcomplete

Well I got too many toys and not enough time to play with them all so... I'm gonna let this one go. Hopefully one of my desert friends will be stoked to take this off my hands. Minor project, been sitting for a while but was winterized, will need fresh fluids and a tune up. Fully hand fabricated tube chassis made by Chenowth, big motor, will be a blast. Hit me up if you're interested, it all goes down in the DMs🙌🏿
#dunebuggy #sandrail #bajabuggy


Finally have time to post a picture of my bedside after the bodywork and painting is completed. Also, a peak at what recovery gear and tools I keep in my truck. In my @viaircorp bag that my compressor came in I had room where the compressor goes because I mounted it in my bed. I kept the air hose in the front pocket and in the top I have my jumper cables, spare fuses, and a fuse holder. In the second back I have my Smittybilt tree saver and tow straps, and two winch dampeners(one for each end of the winch cable or recovery strap) I still have to get a 12 ton shackle, 12 ton snatch block, and a snatch strap. In the third bag I keep all of the different tools and electrical repair items that I may need on trails. #bajabuggy #finallyprettyagain #offroadgear

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