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Just a couple of friends out for a drive. @f511raptor #repost

Pretty cool that someone caught me passing Rob for the lead at rm300 out in the middle of Baja. This was a pivotal moment in the first half of the race. We had just exited the last sand-wash where passing is most possible and likely. Your physical position here is most likely how (barring any issues) we would enter the big long graded roads headed towards El Arco and San Ignacio. The dust hangs badly in the valleys on these big long roads and it is impossible to catch another vehicle without risking your race which nobody is willing to do.

A lot of racers can learn from this, that Rob did the gentlemen thing and pulled to the side and let me go by. My engine was running very poorly at this time and if Rob would have gunned it and ran I had nothing for him to be able to stay with him. Thanks @21robmac for being a stand-up competitor. It is an honor to be able to battle with you at the races. @scoreinternational #baja1000

It's a bird!.... it's a plane!!! Nope it's a whoop chaser!!! 😂 @norman.sidney #Dunestars #baja1000

Apdaly Lopez is the 2017 BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 Overall Champion! Congratulations to the Lopez family and RPM Offroad on winning the 50th edition of the world's greatest and toughest point-to-point desert race! #SCORE #Baja1000 @apdalylopez @rpmoffroad @geiserbros
@bfgoodrichtires @monsterenergy @kingshocks @racelinewheels @axialracing @elreynetwork

Hold on tight! @brycemenzies7 flying through the Baja Peninsula at night.🤢

Another race in Baja we won’t forget with an outstanding team. Thank you to everyone that supported us 🌵🏁 #oxmotorsports #baja1000 #offroad


3D Scanned all parts Now it’s time to start mocking up and building us a Beast!!

Ingenuity, authenticity, and patriotism - what else could you want in an outhouse? This year’s @bfgoodrichtires Battle of the Banos competition was fierce! See the photos and find out who won at https://www.race-dezert.com/home/bfgoodrich-tires-battle-banos-152909.html

Follow Megan and Charlene as they make their way home from the Ladies Offroad Challenge 50th Anniversary of the Baja 1000 experience at www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/baja-1000

#baja1000 #ladiesoffroadchallenge #bfgpits #scoreinternational #scorebaja1000 #bfgoodrichtires #bfg #bfgoodrich #pitsupport #pit #gettingitdone #teamwork #baja #drivers #racer #pitcrew @ladiesoffroadnetwork #ladiesoffroadnetwork #imnotjustagirl #racing #desertracing #offroading #ensenada #offroadracing #outhouse #banos

Ladies Offroad Challenge Baja 1000 with Megan Stevenson - Day 11 - The alarm went off early this morning, we snooze it and then all of a sudden it was a mad rush "Megan it's 5:40, we have to be down to the Jeep in 20 minutes!" - we made it!!! We loaded up all our stuff into Frankie and headed to meet Frank, Nate, Jennifer, and some other BFG crew members for breakfast. At breakfast we came up with a general plan for the rest of the day as we start traversing towards home.

During our caravan north we chatted back and forth on the radio with Frank and Nate listening to them tell stories about mapping for the races as Charlene diligently took notes for a article she is working on. It was neat hearing their histories in Baja and how much work goes into all they do. We also discussed the Battle of the Banos... We stopped in Insurgentes for lunch with the whole crew for tacos and quesadillas. It was fun sitting and chatting with everyone for a final time. After that the three of us in Frankie and Greg and Carol in Betty White split off to take Hwy 1 along the eastern coast on the highway while the others dropped onto the racecourse for a little dirt therapy.

We ended up stopping north of Loretto at a beach area that during low tide is a peninsula out to a big island. The water was such a bright blue-green and there were shells everywhere; I might have picked up and cleaned off a dozen looking at the different colors. I couldn't help but draw in the sand and take a few pictures.

Along the way I worked on some articles I needed to finish. In Santa Rosalia we stopped at our first Mission. It was neat to see all the stained glass windows and read a little about the history. From there we went to San Ignacio and stopped by another Mission. It was after dark and closed when we got there but from the outside it looked beautiful. The stone walkways were perfectly uneven. It was amazing to think about how they built it starting in in 1728 finally finishing in 1786! The wood on the doors is the original wood too. Pretty darn cool . . .

Follow the adventure. www.ladiesoffroadnetwork.com/baja-1000

#ladiesoffroadchallenge #baja1000 #bfgoodrichtires #baja #la paz #mexico

Nice shot from @lucidroots_ at the final drivers change at the #baja1000 #wilsonmotorsports @scorpionbayhotel @scoreinternational

Crossing the border back into the States is always an #adventure. We traded a sticker for a bag of #churros 👍😁 Race team stickers are like baseball cards and we are the players! #steekers #stickersaregold #baja1000 #bordercrossing #pleaseletusin

Welcome to the ice cream wall of fame. @bjbaldwin #baja #icecream #baja1000 #monsterenergy 🍨🍦🎥: @blackhat_studios

We are still SO fired up from the last month of Baja 1000's 50th anniversary madness in Scorpion Bay🏁
It was rad having the hotel filled with bad ass racers and their teams who supported them along the way. Congrats to all of the racers!
Thanks for stoking out our community & always showing respect to the people of San Juanico. Looking forward to see you guys soon!
#morestickers #baja1000 @scoreinternational

Some more #finishline emotion. 🏁
#baja1000 @dynamicracing

RPM Off-road at speed, Friday morning, November 17. #baja1000 #nofilterneeded #trophytruck #trophytruckspec #offroad #desert #racing #baja #lapaz #mexico

When you wasnt there but your friends remind you that you just missed the best race, congrats to the best team #pinracing
#purooffroad #soyoffroad #baja1000
Gracias compa @gabygags for posting live on the finish line.

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