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3 months to go! #baileybrothers

Bailey, party of 6!! These boys are over the moon for their new baby brother!! #adventureswiththebaileys #babyNolton #baileybrothers

Before the day is over have to make sure I send out a special birthday shoutout to my younger brother @channingbailey . Every time I need him he's always there, and the first person I go to when I have an idea, or need advice or even to calm me down before diving off the deep end. He's always supportive of my dreams and my love for my music and my drumming and is the creative genius, behind my shirts, website and other graphics and even the stuff yet to come! I love him to death and will always have his back, and even though he's my younger brother I still look up to him in many ways and value his knowledge, perspective and counsel...hope you enjoy your day brother and I look forward to the millions possibly even billions we're about to create and make! #cbaileysway #itsalifestyle #undeniable #mybrotherskeeper #Baileybrothers

My new side piece, Korbelle. She's an 04' #gretsch 5126 #electromatic . Thanks to my friend Zane down at #baileybrothers for setting her up the way I like! #gretschguitars #cheapchampagne get it?

Had an amazing day today finally introducing Ronan into the world! Now we are an even family of 4 💕👊🍼#baileybrothers

@andyfrisella just saw your post about your little brother @mrfrisella getting a GT3!!! Thought I would share that my little bro just picked up his first 911 too! (The gray, mine is in white) little story about my brother.... I begged him to come work for me for months. He had a well paying job as a sales man, working mostly from home making close to 100 a year in his early 20s. I said " come print shirts with me in this abandon warehouse and take a 80% pay cut!" Guess what, he did. I can not thank him enough. He is the glue that holds me together. Without drew and Dana I would have ran myself into the ground. They care more about me than I do. Side note: looks like I have some work to do to the 997 so I can hang with his worked 996. #baileybrothers

A friend recently asked me, "Why do you put brand names with a hashtag on your Instagram account?" and I realized, I have some explaining to do😂. The reason you will see brand name hashtags is I want every follower of Cullman Wee Swap to know what great selection we have available at our sale. I believe Cullman Wee Swap is absolutely fabulous and I want you to as well☺ #livieandluca #baileybrothers #someoneneedsahaircut 😉

Pic of the oh so famous @ebailey_63 and I. Happy this dude got his first job and foot in the door at a good company. Can't wait to see what your future holds bub! #baileybrothers #baileybuilt #baileyboys #brother


Great job to everyone who played at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Challenge last night! We had a blast! #pepsigulfcoastjam #hwy20entertainment #rhythmnbrews #spectraflex #curtmanganstrings #baileybrothers #guitar #livemusic #lukebryan #smores

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