Did anyone else watch the #GoldenGlobes and feel incredibly fired up!? Between @oprah and #FrancesMcDormand’s speeches I was giving a standing ovation in my living room. ❤️ #girlpower .
It’s been said once, but I’ll say it again. Ladies, this is our time! Dreams are great, but to make them real you have to plan. There’s no perfect time for anything, so make a decision to start today! .
I started my business 9 years ago this week with a tiny blue flea market sewing machine in my college dorm. I’ve learned hard lessons and grew from them. There were times when I had no idea what I was doing, but I’m scrappy as hell and find a way to figure it out! In 2017 I resolved to be more focused, plan months ahead, and delegate to experts. It was the best year yet, sales more than doubled and had very successful launches. I’m learning every day. This year will be even better and I can’t wait to show you what’s cooking for the spring collection.☺️ .
If you got through all that, first of all bless you and second save 30% on the last of the 2017 bags using code GIRLPOWER for the next 48 hours! 🙌🏼

Finding pennants with felt letters is one of my favorite things.💚 That Miami pennant! 😍 I’ll have this bunch and lots of #bagsandflags tomorrow at @patchworkmarket! Come visit! 🎉 #vintageisbetter

Today's the day! 🎉 One of my favorite markets @craftedva is here! This is my only #hamptonroads market until 2018 - so come visit! A TON of #vintagepennants and one of a kind handbags will be ready for you! 😍 #bagsandflags #letsgetcrafted #craftedva

So many sweet 1960s minis! 🚩
I currently have quite a few from the Deep South, which I've learned over the years are pretty rare. I'm not totally sure why but I'm thinking there were less printed in the 1950s and 60s in southern states. Major highway development may have something to do with it as well.
Bringing my whole collection plus a bunch of exclusive bags to @madesouth in #atl in just 2 weeks! 🙌🏼 #soexcited #madesouthatlanta

No one I know #bagsandflags

Croatia 🇭🇷 you were a giant postcard. Off to build an empire in Rome 🇮🇹 #bagsandflags #hi5 #ificanthaveluggagenoonecan #dubrovnik #hvar #split #korcula #croatia #contiki

It's Friday! 🎉 This Friday is even better because the #vtgclt VIP Shop is tonight at @campnorthend! I'll have lots of #bagsandflags! 🚩 Tickets here ➡️ @vtgclt

A few recent favorites! 🚩
Y'all, May went by real quick. I planned a pennant sale over at @shop_upatreecupateaco this month but things got crazy...so skipping this month and pinky swear we'll have one in June! 🤞🏼 #Charlotte friends - you can shop the entire collection this weekend at the @vtgclt summer market. It's going to be awesome! 💛 #vintagepennants

Home of the free, because of the brave. 🇺🇸 Thankful for all our service men and women on this Memorial Day. 💙

A throwback to last summer. More indigo overshot is coming! Working on over 30 (cue crazy face 😱😳) bags that will launch at the end of June. 🙌🏼 So excited for the changes this year has brought and the opportunities ahead. #thankful

The epitome of #bagsandflags! 🚩 Loving this custom bag. Have an idea for a bag made with something close to your heart? Send me a message and let's get started! 📩 #customorder

The artwork on this #Puyallup Washington pennant is just amazing. 😍 Standard Travel Totes are the perfect everyday bag. Grab your computer, keys, wallet, and you're ready to go! Plus the interior pockets mean your phone doesn't get lost in the bottom. More details in the shop. 💕 #bagsandflags #linkinprofile #upatreecupateaco

It's the weekend! 🎉 Excited to head to @locallymademarket at the @themaytoninn on Sunday from 12-4pm! I'll have lots of pennants and some exclusive market only bags! 💕 #bagsandflags #itstheweekend

Sitting here like...how is it almost MAY!? 😱 #itsgonnabemay

There will be a pennant sale over at @shop_upatreecupateaco in May...pinky promise! Check back for the date soon.
But you can shop in person at @locallymademarket on May 7, @popupraleigh on May 20, and @vtgclt on June 2-3! 💕🎉 #springmarkets #vintagepennants

There's new friends around here so let's do a quick #fridayintroductions! Hey y'all! 👋🏼 I'm Jo, short for Johanna. I make each bag and hunt for each flag with my two hands. I love strong coffee, small towns, estate sales, my pups, and three pet chickens. ❤️ Each bag is #oneofakind just like the customer who takes it home. Lots of new adventures coming this year and I couldn't be more excited to share it all with you! ✨ #bagsandflags #upatreecupateaco 📷@storyphotographers

First off - this bag! 😍 This #vintagepennant was giant, so there's a clutch in the shop that features a section of it as well. ✨ Love the cowboy artwork!
Here's a few things that have nothing to do with this photo. 😜

1. Are custom orders still a thing!? Yes! Options have changed and I'm taking a few each month. Making some right now featuring textiles from customers' travels. Send a message for more info! 📩
2. Meghan of @imfixintoblog has the most gorgeous nails! One of my goals this year is to have prettier hands and my nails are currently the longest they've ever been! 💅🏼 Usually I cut them crazy short and have a million hangnails. 🙈 Any tips for how to maintain pretty, but versatile nails when you work with your hands?
If you read all of this you are amazing! Have the best day! 🎉 #bagsandflags #wearinghistory

The artwork on this 1960s pennant is one of my favorites. 🐙 💕 As someone who grew up by the ocean and loved finding octopi while scuba diving with my family this one tugs at the heart strings! The last few spring bags are in the online shop and ready for their forever homes. ✨ #oneofakind #octopus #oregon

Materials: Vietnam era duffle, vintage pennant, mahogany leather, olive webbing, and brass hardware. ✂️ #bagsandflags

This red vintage textile was found in a 1900s farmhouse in rural Eastern North Carolina.❤️ A customer is thinking it may be Ukrainian. Excited for my first 2017 event in #Virginia on Saturday! Come out to @craftedva! I'll have the spring line and more #vintagepennants than ever before. 🚩✨ #wearinghistory #upatreecupateaco #bagsandflags

I can't even! Don't miss this! She always brings gorgeous bags! Xome check her out this Saturday for Crafted at O'Connor Brewing Co. In Norfolk. #bagsandflags #bags #norfolk #va #upatreecupateaco #crafted #vintageflags #vintagetextile #leather #handcraftedbags #Nashville #maker

So many sweet vintage flags coming to @patchworkmarket on Sunday! 🚩 Excited for this event with some of my favorite makers! Tagged a few here! 💕 #vintagepennants #bagsandflags

One 1960s Puyallup Washington Pennant...two bags! 🚩 The artwork on this flag is gorgeous. ✨ Thank you for all the love for the spring bags! Have your eye on one? Snag it before it disappears! 👋🏼 #oneofakind #bagsandflags #pnw

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