Kare Kare was my favorite dish growing up! So excited to share with you how to make it! The link to the full video is in the bio!
#nicandrei #homecooking #filipinofood #kapampangan #karekare

my hunger couldn’t keep up with the distance of the official recos from friends anymore so I ended up in this place called Suage and had the shrimp soup curry base (soup curry is a Hokkaido specialty) with Furano pork that melts in your mouth. I have absolutely no point of reference for this because it’s my first bowl, but it tastes like shrimp paste/ #bagoong without too much salt, with a hint of curry. Then, got the small rice with cheese on top. Exotic/ good kind of strange for me but I wonder if there are any traditional joints that serve this shrimp soup base. I wanna give it a second try. Now for a 25 min walk!!!

my take on #pinakbet ...though it lacks one of the key ingredients, #bagoong (sautéed shrimp paste). the best version of pinakbet is still auntie belle’s. i could eat it everyday till the very last drop 🤤 i still get shell-shocked every time i take a first bite... it’s that good.
anyhoo, this contains bittergourd, thai eggplant, tomatoes and ladyfingers. to make it more flavourful, add prawns, pork belly, pumpkin and long beans :) #filipinofood

After kwa years! kamuuut time. Rares ditoy yah!
#rrrusip #bagoong #extrarice

Early lunch

#letchon kawali
#bagoong with calamansi sili 😘😘💋💋

Konting effort for breakfast!!!
#bagoong.... 😂

Pregnancy craving satisfied. Kare-Kare with Bagoong😜🤪 thank you @thecalvinchannel 😘 #filipinofoodcraving #kare-kare #bagoong

our ulam for tonight 😊
Rainy evening guys 🌧🌂
#Talbos ng kamote(steam)
#bagoong wid calamansi
#kamatis/Sibuyas 😋

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