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Just reminiscing and missing my loop ileostomy...😌 I loved that little guy so much. Gave me 11 weeks of freedom from disease, allowed my newly constructed jpouch to heal nicely, and taught me how to heal and care for my peristomal skin. I've had nursing on the brain for years, but after all this...I would seriously love to be a wound care/ostomy nurse...πŸ’­ #ileostomy #bagchange #jpouch


Bag change day! I thought I'd try a step by step of how I do my bag change. I've been struggling to keep the pyoderma gangrenosum around my stoma at Bay and this seems to be working. First picture is all the supplies that I use for each bag change. I take my old bag off and take a nice long hot shower free from a soggy wet bag on my belly. While showering I make sure to scrub off any old adhesive left over from the last bag. When I'm done with my shower I make a little turban out of paper towels for my stoma to protect from any leaking while I get supplies set up. Fiest I cut out a circle the size of my stoma on my brava barrier sheet. Then I cut out the ring for my wafer... My stoma still changes sizes sometimes so this works best for me. I then cut the drawtex into strips and apply the Tacrolimus ointment to the strips... The Tacrolimus ointment is very sticky and makes a big mess when I've tried to apply it directly to my skin or open wound so it stays so much better when applied to the drawtex first. After everything is set up I lay back to begin application. Laying on my back forces my peristomal hernia back in and allows everything to lay relatively flat and makes applying the new bag significantly easier than if I was standing or sitting. I always use a skin barrier wipe on my skin around my stoma first. Then I apply the steroid spray which helped so much to get the pyoderma to begin healing. After that is done I make a square of the drawtex and Tacrolimus around my stoma. The ointment also helps control the pyoderma and the drawtex helps to absorb any weeping from around my stoma. After that is set I put the brava barrier sheet over all this to hold everything in place and it actually helps to keep my bag in place longer if the wound ends up weeping too much. It is relatively healed for now but there is some weeping from directly around my stoma still. My wafer goes on top of the barrier sheet and then my bag is applied on top. I always put my hernia belt on before standing up to give my belly the most support. And that's it! I am nice and clean and ready for my day!! #nocolonstillrollin #bagchange #ulcerativecolitis #ostomate

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