50% cute ; 20%manly ; 40%crazy

Annyeong, Selatan Arega imnidaa!!
Panggil aja atan. Byun Baekhyun sebagai fc. Cute typing / Baby typing jika mood. Atan pemalas, jadi kalo atan lama bales dm kamu berarti atan lagi berleha leha dikasur. Atan lahir pada; 6 Mei 1992

Kalian bisa minta 'FbLb' disini. Gak usah nge elpiji, atan gak ngajak ribut.

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🌚 Baekhyun 🌝
Uwu. 23. A sub. Kind of a bitchy sub. Is very soft though fr. The cutest. A dumbass. Loves to be in control sometimes. But loves to be manhandled and controlled. Literally the kinkiest bitch ever. Loves kitties sm. Loves cuddles smmmmm. Slap him and call him a bitch. Taken by @jeonbitxh

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da créditos si usas. / givə crədits if you usə.
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Fambest?Dm kuy

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Im alive.

Root baekie!
[Selective fblb! ]

Byun Baekhyun prdy.panggil aja Baekhyun,bee , baekie , baekhyunie , atau Baek . Baekie suka ice cream! baekie butuh teman:(km mau ya? Yaya? [#rp #rpindonesia #roleplayer #baekhyunrp ]

i wanna make an ot9 exo gc. exo models comment a heart to be in it

How do I start this without cringing at how soft you make me? Happy anniversary my love. You don’t know how grateful and blessed I am to have you. Never have I ever met a person like you. You smile and feel happy when I’m inactive because you think I’m resting and that makes me smile because it shows me that you care. I will never find someone better than you because never have you ever made me suffer like others did. You stuck with me through my best and through my worst. You never even judged me by my imperfections and always found a way to cheer me up. At first I was scared to ask you out because I thought I would never have a chance,when I thought you liked someone and you told me they made you suffer and cry,I couldn’t bare it anymore. I wanted to protect you,care for you,and love you because you deserve it more than anyone I know. I like that I could mess around with you,and you laugh instead of getting hurt by stupid things I say. You make me the happiest,you make me feel loved and cared for,you never left my side even when others did. The thing that makes me smile is I was so scared to love that I was pushing everyone away by being dry. But even if I was still dry,you were here by my side throughout everything. I know I have a small temper and I’m grateful that you tolerate it. You helped me cheer up my friends and you even cheered me up. You are truly amazing with a big ass heart. Baby you are beautiful ooc and ic. I love you and it’s more like I have to have you with me because if I don’t I’d be lost. You are like the oxygen I breathe and the water I have to drink in order to survive. I love you so much and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being amazing and never leaving my side 💓Im happy to be with you~ and I can’t wait for many months and years to come

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