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Double Tap & Tagg Your Bae ❤️

DTF (Down To Frankel’s) | Eggs & greens on pumpernickel everything and The number ONE on whole wheat everything ✨✨✨

Lmao, this is really how I am feeling these days. it’s not in a disrespectful way either it just means that you need someone in your corner who puts their money where their mouth is in supporting you, whatever it takes. They got to have your back and your front. #werk #thesofiaeffect #baegoals #preech TAG SOMEONE WHO IS A BOSS

Complexion 😍😍

When bae plays to much on the skate floor😂💖
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Do what you love and you’ll never have a problem with Monday’s 🙌🏽🙏🏽💯 #mcm #issasnack #baegoals #Godisgood #blessed #wontHedoit #homie #lova #bestfriend #bidnesspartna #stylist #God #goals #growing #glowing

MoVernie Bagel Tower Challenge:

How many McCafe Bagels do you think I can stack to make this "Bagel Tower"?
Stay tuned to find out. Maje a guess!
So...how many McCafe Bagels do you think you can stack? Show me! Lol
@mcdonaldscanada @mccafecanada .
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Cause you're amazing just the way you areee 🎵

Brining #mcm back this Monday 👫It's been 6 months since me and Raj have moved in together. Going from long distance to sharing space has been a rollercoaster of learnings. Here are 8 words I’ve gotten to know better with the time we’ve lived together:
1. EGO - Recognize it and put it aside. If you’re like me, admitting you’re wrong is as rare as a good hair day for Trump. Listen to what he/she has to say and be real with yourself rather than demanding you’re always right.
2. EMPATHY - Your great day might be his bad day. Genuinely put yourself in their shoes and be there for them however they need you. Refrain from saying “I understand” when you truly don’t, they will see right through it.
3. SPACE - Just because you live together doesn’t mean you spend every hour together. Give each other some space, have your me time. Space keeps the relationship interesting and gives you two more to talk about.
4. CONNECT - After a long day at the office, I found myself having work conversations with my bf. Over time these conversations compromised our closeness. I realized we were getting too passive with our conversations and we needed to make an effort to actually get to know one another and understand each other on a deeper level.
5. SPONTANEOUS - There was a point where my bf and I got too comfortable. We would watch Netflix and uber eats food for every date night. It was nice until we got super bored with life, super fast. I realized that the initial excitement you feel when you first start dating someone won’t always just be there, you have to cultivate it. Get creative with your dates. Mix things up.
6. PRESENCE - Raj and I really caught each other on this one. We would go to brunch or walk around a park and find ourselves on our phones rather than actually being WITH each other. Were we with each other or with our phones?
7. RESPECT– When Raj and I first moved in, we found we were stepping on each other’s toes with time. Coming from long distance, we weren’t aware of each other’s daily must-do activities. Over time, we’ve learned to respect each other’s time and values - even if that means scheduling date nights like an official meeting.

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