BURNED & BLESSED: Be cautious of a tall, dark skinned man, no front teeth who goes by the alias ROCK STAR who sells tickets at the far end of the tunnel to the bowl. He may not have known that the ticket he was selling was already used as people print extra tickets & sell them on their way to a show. I met a couple who were burned for $500.00 on a pair of tickets. It turns out the police escorted the person from those seats to the gate & that person refunded their money with an apology. I was only out $25.00. ROCK STAR wanted $40.00 & I told him I was at the venue to get t-shirts & I didn't have the money. I told him to get the $40.00 from someone who had it. Then he said, "I'll take 25.00." I said, "You need to make your money. Somebody will have $40.00." He was hot to sell so I took the ticket.....but the ticket was no good. Then this girl walked up to me. She & her friends were looking for 3 tickets. I had told her earlier that I'd already gotten burned on a ticket. She walked up & asked, "Did you find a ticket?" I said, "No, & even if I did, I don't have the cash." To which she said, "I have a ticket for you but you have to use it. You can't sell it." I said, "I'm not here to sell tickets. Why don't you use the ticket??" She said, "We're coming back for the last show. This ticket was just given to me & we think you should have it. Now go inside & enjoy the show!!" I hugged & thanked them all and ran to the gate. I turned around to see them walking away. She was wearing a headband with the waxing & waning of the moon. #DepecheMode #DaveGahan #MartinGore #AndrewFletcher #GlobalSpiritTour #HollywoodBowl #Scalpers #Tout #BadTickets #AlreadyUsed #Blessings #LiveShow #SoldOut

Thanksgiving traditions... #tavernmorningswithpapa#badtickets

Every car parked the wrong way on the street got a ticket today, including mine. Not going to let that get me down though! Tonight I get to see my favorite band of all time, on their last tour EVER!
Bring on the madness!
#blacksabbath #goodtickets #badtickets #pdx #doommetal #sabbath #theend #portland

Patiently waited while cold and wet, but came away empty-handed in the end. 👎🏻#badtickets

Anyone else having problems and with these #76 scratchers for the @dodgers #promotion #Dodgers #badtickets

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