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#BaddieBunch We had an excellent time with the Baddies, today! Often times, we hear of strong, forward thinking black women. Here - we have over 50 (registered) young, vibrant, stylish, self-starting women. Business owners ranging from stylists and make up artists to financial planners and lifestyle coaches. When you envision Black women, see them for who they are, not what they are portrayed to be. This is powerful beyond measure. For more info, follow @baddie_brunch. See you next time and we can't wait for #BaddieBrunchBrazil!

Crazy Collab's all Fall '17 😈 #baddiebunchremake #takeoverszn
Hair : @styledbyanyanicole
Makeup : @mother.jay
Frames : @stayshady_eyewear
Photographer: @dmose_
#baddiebunch #thebaddiebunch

Happy Valentine's Day to all the baddies out there and especially my #baddiebunch who all are so incredibly gorgeous πŸ’•. This shoot is the most beautiful example of beauty in all shapes and colors and I was so honored I got to be a part of it. #Repost @baddiebox with @repostapp
#BTS of yesterday's shoot, prepare for the #BADDIEBUNCH to emerge ✨ πŸ“·: @victorjolley

Soooo this was just a really fun little quick bit to do... πŸ˜… Thank you @masterq2182 for shooting this for me! πŸ“Έ Inspired by "The Baddie Bunch" concept collaboration by @shaunandru, @jesstamazing, and @kimoramulan πŸ™ŒπŸΎ #LaurenLongLegs #moods #BradyBunch #baddiebunch #inspo

ball games w/ the #baddiebunch plus Kevin! ⚾️

Are you + your girls BADDIES? Join the #BADDIEBUNCH by clicking the link in @BADDIEBOX bio and sign up for the newest beauty + lifestyle subscription box with your fav + emerging brands to bring out your inner #BADDIE! Don’t miss the exclusive discount for a limited time. ✨

I spot a few of my baddies on this one .. Look who is up next ! Yes ladies get it πŸ’‹
@shaunandru @kimoramulan @jesstamazing great vision #baddiebunch

they said "do a bad bitch pose" and apparently I didn't know what that meant lmao #baddiebunch πŸ₯€


#TBT I Can Speak For All of Us In This Pic. This Was The Only Time We Stood Proud In front Of A Trump Sign, Yet We Were Doing What We Love (Perfoming) Not Promoting That 🀑 ✊
#LongLiveTheAngels πŸ˜‡#Almost πŸ’‹
#BoardWalkChamp 🏁
#Shout @dj_leverage
#ExecutiveClub T O N I T E 🎧

Brunch!!!!! My Favorite Pass Time...
#BaddieBunch @damaged_goodz187

Soooo this was just a really fun little quick bit to do... πŸ˜… Thank you @masterq2182 for shooting this for me! πŸ“Έ Inspired by "The Baddie Bunch" concept collaboration by @shaunandru, @jesstamazing, and @kimoramulan πŸ™ŒπŸΎ #LaurenLongLegs #moods #BradyBunch #baddiebunch #inspo

we've been listening up and pretty soon you guys will be able to support + pop out in your own @BADDIEBOX gear! stay tuned πŸ’–

unless you're lucky enough to have graduated or you just decided to take another path to success, we're sure most of you babes are happily waking up for class again πŸ™‚ good thing you're subscribed to #BADDIEBOX though right?! we know that this month's box will be just what you need to perk you up out of those back 2 school blues πŸ’–

now what kind of #WEDNESDAY would it be if we didn't bless your feed with a new #BADDIE to gag over πŸ’– - @breahhicks hey babe! if you see this we think you'd love seeing us in your mailbox every month πŸ˜‰ xo

πŸ—£πŸ’“ #baddiebunch #baddiebunchremake

you guys know that song that @larlarlee sings at the end of her videos? πŸ˜‚βœ¨well sing that in your head as you click the link in our bio #BADDIES - August's box is shipping out soon and we promise you're going to be PISSED if you haven't subbed yet πŸ˜‡

Crazy Collab's all Fall '17 😈 #baddiebunchremake #takeoverszn
Hair : @styledbyanyanicole
Makeup : @mother.jay
Frames : @stayshady_eyewear
Photographer: @dmose_
#baddiebunch #thebaddiebunch

something cool is coming to a BADDIEBOX near you πŸ’¦ that is if you're subscribed! if you haven't clicked the link in our bio + signed up, WYD SIS?

what do you guys think about us having a #BADDIEBRUNCH in a city near you? BADDIEBOX is so much more than a subscription box, it's a lifestyle! we'd love to start having events to uplift and educate + meet you guys πŸ’• LIKE this post if you think that'd be a good idea xo

we tried not to but @alexis.eke is just going to have to be a permanent reoccurring fixture on our page πŸ’– her work is too fly to not be shared - giving us "is summer over yet?" vibes, bc that's really the only vibe we're feeling rn

If no one else is telling you, we'll be sure to πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’• we hope you guys are as excited for next month's box as we are! we've been listening to your feedback + love and it's safe to say that everyone will be more than happy when they open their pink box! xo

how are you #BADDIES spending your #selfcaresunday? we think by now you guys have figured out that we're all about TLC ✨ that's why we love being able to work with brands who can introduce you guys to products to aid all your self-love needs!

TMW you hug someone and you leave your contour on their shirt but they're already walking away and it's not like you can wipe it off so you don't say anything πŸ˜‚πŸ’• leave what mood this is to you down in the comments #BADDIES

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