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Do you remember what first inspired you to do yoga? Share your story with us.⠀

“In my early 20’s I had wanderlust. I spent 6 months travelling through India (on a shoestring…Can you imagine?!) I was always drawn to the spiritual path. India blew my mind and I had many profound experiences there, following that, I went on to do several Intensive silent meditation retreats, returning to Oz Hatha yoga classes, and continued to go off on silent retreat once or twice a year, but it was only in my mid to late 30’s that I went deeply into Hatha Yoga practice and then later Ashtanga Vinyasa. I’ve always loved Mantra and chanting.” - @yoginistephie

Day 14 (23th of March) of #Yoga4OurGrowth challenge! 10th-25th of March 🙆🏼 ❤️
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For those who plan ahead:
Day 1: #halasana ✔️
Day 2: #trikonasana ✔️
Day 3: #purvottasana ✔️
Day 4: #salabhasana ✔️
Day 5: #padangustasana ✔️
Day 6: #malasana ✔️
Day 7: #upavisthakonasana ✔️
Day 8: #vasisthasana ✔️
Day 9: #salambadirsasana ✔️
Day 10: #tolasana ✔️
Day 11: #bakasana ✔️
Day 12: #ardhanamaskarparsvakonasana ✔️
Day 13: #bharmanasana ✔️
Day 14: #parivrttaadhomukhashvanasana ✔️
Day 15: #baddhakonasana
Day 16: #parighasana
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The Lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment & rebirth. Rising from the muddy, murky waters, the beautiful flower emerges untouched from the mud. As we rise from any circumstance or trial that affects us, remember to do so with courage, untouched from the spoiled. “Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually”
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After quarter of a century I finally made friends with my ego! He’s actually quite cool and inspires me to achieve things I otherwise might not, like today I broke my own record and stayed in freezing cold water with mindful deep breathing for 16 minutes 😊 The water was 1.4c. So I made a deal with my ego, told him he could stick around for another decade or so until kundalini comes along and kicks his illusiory arse into the infinite. He seemed quite happy about that! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #inspiration #motivation #ashtangayoga #pranayama #pictureoftheday #kundalini #kundaliniyoga #baddhakonasana #mindfulness #winterbathing #vinterbadning #yogaeverywhere #yogapractice #instayoga #instadaily #yogi #onebreathatatime #ujjayi #mulabandha

“ You can’t change people, but you can love them. And that is always enough. “@wordsofekp • in @aloyoga Photo @bentleycreativeagency ❤️ Via @hollybentley_yoga

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Saturday Standing Splits! ❤️@luminikki practicing with: - Yoga Hustle Green Check Block - Yoga Hustle The Mat • Via @yogahustle

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Feel The Flow... got up at 5:15am... started my journey into London... realised I’d got the wrong date for a morning meeting. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So here I am now, reminding myself to slow down whilst flowing through my day. 😂 On the plus side, I’ve now got time to do some retreat admin, do a yoga class and I get to teach later. It’s all good! 😅 Can’t wait to see some of you in my 6pm class @moveyourframe Fitzrovia. ✨✨✨ - 📷 @sam.pyatt - Via @catmeffan

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in the praise of slowness.
this took 25 minutes in a day of 1140 minutes. no, I don’t “ #workforpay “ everyday. yes, I have young children. no, my children aren’t zen. yes, this shits all a practice. 👌🏼this #restorativeyoga has me slowing down not only my body and thoughts, but my way of being. what’s the rush, yo?
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Don’t try this. It’s not a yoga pose. I’m demonstrating some of the things that are tested when checking for hypermobility. It’s called the Beighton score and it’s usually done on children because hypermobile joints tend to stabilise into adulthood . •Follow us @Alena.stretch •Credit @adellbridges

Let share some funny things about your last summer, Yoga fans •Follow us @ettlivstyle.ca •Via @ashleygalvinyoga

Is it just me or is there a new level of body shaming on this platform like never before? I’ve seen a growing number of comments on other women’s pages that break my heart . •Follow us @y0ga.for.world •Via @adellbridges

Every time I post a photo of this pose I get comments from people like “how long did it take you to do this?” and I guess they’re not asking out of curiosity but rather because they want to know how long it may take THEM to do it . •Follow us @amy.y0gi.asana •Via @adellbridges

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