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Just a few of the #baddass #models at #theshow just amazing.


Сегодня лже-понедельник - день великан, можно с лёгкостью заявить, что летний сезон открыт🌴отчётный концерт отработан, автопати оттанцовано, кстати, автопати было взрывным, я б сказала даже "вээээууууу". Мои любимые команды #baddass и #gosistersteam порадовали, как никогда, люблю, когда вам все по-кайфу, спасибо вам и вашим родителям. Далее лето, но на лето у нас свои планы, поэтому все занятия продолжаются, всех жду в назначенное время #formadancestudio#formafam#владивосток

Friendship isn't about people who act true to your face about people who remain true behind your back .
(-) @stnurazizahica and @dearahmaalviony ini ada anaknya cuma balik duluan 📷 : punya @awaliamrdn
#baddass #friendshipgoals #happy

I know this has to SUCK!!! @blackops4x4 BUT I BET YOU HAD EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOM EYEING YOU GUYS.. 😂😂😂 #jeep #baddass #eyesore #extreme #4x4

Shooting 🔥
#baddass #wildthoughts


Fuelling up a monster !!! This ain’t no Cookie Monster.... it’s a Power monster !!!! This is one bad ass Scirocco!!! #vwperformanceclubmalaysia #vwpcm #baddass

Took 2nd in Nj state goose calling this year and I couldn't have done it without my black timber overload I bought the same day as soon as I picked it up I fell in love with the call so y'all need to go check em out they make some badass duck and goose calls and I'm pretty sure and hoping by the end of the year all that will be on my lanyard is bands and black timber calls @blacktimbercalls #goosehunting #getinwereyoufitin #baddass #callingcontest #hevishot #tanglefree #sitkagear #diverge6

Every pharmacy needs an ETP master and Sue is as amazing as it gets - meet our second longest dispenser who's been with us for 5 years!

Sue is also a non smoking cessation advisor ⛔, carries out home domiciliary smoking advice 🏡 and will give you a run for your money at darts any day 💁‍♀️ (sadly darts lessons are not included in the home domiciliary sevice, but we wish it was).

here is my gency fanfic i made a while ago, is not the best ive made but i thought id post it 😊enjoy!!
It was a normal Thursday morning, I walk into the medical bay to see you sitting down on the bench on your phone, there was a ban on being on your phone in the facility so I walked up to you and asked you to put it in your bag, but as I learnt over I saw your massive hard- on. I tried to ignore it and bit my lip, you looked up and saw me staring at your morning wood, you blushed and I forgot I was telling you off so I turned around and walked away and got my medical equipment. i walk back to you with my stethoscope.
"Please remove your shirt genji" i asked while looking to the side to avoid eye contact, you move your head around to see my face, "is everything okay Dr. Zeigler? You seem distracted more than usual." I look at you blushing, sweat on my forehead, "im fine genji" i smile. I finish up and go back to my desk to go through my draws, even though i wasnt looking for anything, i just needed some space from those tempting hazel eyes.
After a couple of minute go by and i hear you behind me "did you need a hand with something Dr. Zeigler?"
I dont say anything, while staring at his bulge blushing, you knew exactly what i wanted.
You slowly walk up to me pinning me against the wall, breathing on my neck. You get straight to the point and slowly move your hands down towards my pussy rubbing my clit over my pants. I moan softly, As you continue to rub me.
"Uh stop, you are embarrassing me" I blush as I look away. You grab my chin and yanked my face so I am looking at you.
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