I’m not the best #entrepreneur in the world but for the last 5 years I have been trying to create a life where I can earn money completely online from anywhere in the world. From my travels, I’ve learned that it doesn’t take a lot to live a good life. You really don’t need to be a millionaire. $50k, $100k, 200k a year in any country in the world is a GREAT life and Even better if you’re willing to live in countries that aren’t so perfect. Forever colleagues ask me if I miss the office. Fuck no. Why make $35k a year behind a desk doing shit I didn’t care about like a slave when I can make $25k a year online on autopilot and a live in Colombia? Anyway rant over, Back to civilization and this cool place that’s like a sky bar. Very beautiful views. The apartments around here are between $200 and $800 a month with the higher ones coming with some sort of maid service. This is close to the downtown square of Kinshasa, Congo. I’m not talking about the medicine anymore because some people want to play FBI detective so just know that part has been taken care of. I got the plug and now it’s just website development and simplifying the payment system. With that being said, for the next few days I’m just going to be really focusing on finding a very poor family I can help. $500 here goes so far. It can literally be the difference between a child driving a taxi or becoming a doctor. #kinshsasa #entrepreneurlife #relationshipgoals #realtor #bitcoin #forex #eurusd #daytrader #daytrading #badcredit #creditrepair

If you have #badcredit or #nocredit, this offer is for you!
Whether you're a #firsttimebuyer, or you've faced credit challenges in the past, this program is here to help! It's also a great option for #NewCanadians.
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It's possible that a late payment — at least 30 days past due — could drop your score as much as 100 points.

Call the creditor right away and see if you can have them remove it from your history as a late payment. Chances are good if you brought the payment current and you haven't made a habit of being late.
My company is addressing individual credit needs. Check out my website
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Need a credit card, but having trouble because of your credit? Never fear: secured credit cards are here! Pretty much every bank offers them. But how do they work? #creditcards #banks #badcredit #newcredit #students https://thecreditpros.com/complete-guide-to-secured-credit-cards/

For the month of September all FULL AUDITS are $75 ( no monthly fees )
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Repos ? DELETED ‼️
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