She wanted to join to baldie GANG ❤️🏁 Can’t wait to see the color you pick tomorrow 😍
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......catch me, if u can.....#damnnear50 #badandbald #FACTS

Did they say "BACK" or Throwback Thursday....LOL...I stay BENT......😂😂😂 #TBT #bigearringgang #shortdresses #demheels #badandbald #imyobartender

Tell me ☺️ have you ever went to an Alopecia support group? 👇

“When I was 8 finding I had alopecia was difficult and I didn’t really understand growing up with it was hard but I wouldn’t change it and the journey it’s taken me on and the people I’ve met 💙 Here’s to raising more awareness!” @lottieb_x // YES girl! You wear it so confidently!! Be proud of yourself for embracing it & making the MOST out of this journey 💗💗

No hair. Don’t care.
#CarefreeBaldGirl 💁‍♀️

Feelin’ so polished 😻
I want to thank @herbrowjesty for the beautiful microblading today 💕 she’s a local ATLien & her $200 special is limited!!

Quick update: I took a while off social media to get away from the constant suffocation of information. Instead, I’ve been spending that time to read, hike, yoga, meditate, write, and it’s been pretty wonderful 💫

Strong Bald and BEAUTIFUL 💙 you seriously ROCK your look 😍😍@lizbit128 💗

Find the good in every bad situation. 🦋

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this story. But when I first got diagnosed with Alopecia, it felt like my life was crushed. My hair was my PRIDE. My hair was what I was KNOWN for! It was truly devastating. I had no clue where I was going to go, or how I was EVER going to be ok with this... Fast forward 7 years, to today. I freaking love my head. I love my look! In some way - I feel happier WITHOUT hair! I no longer see myself as “Stephanie without hair” I see myself as ME 😊 God has a crazy cool way of helping us see our true beauty and sometimes it means taking away our false sense of happiness & confidence! It may feel impossible to see the rainbow at the end of this storm, but I promise... there IS a rainbow. 🌈 This story is not a sad one for you. It’s a story of self love, DEEPER healing, and confidence. Keep pushing forward. You are not broken, you are finding your strength. 💗

4 years ago when I use to be team #longhairdontcare now I’m just #badandbald #mixedchicks #killingthegame #baddie #throwback

What’s on your head right now? A wig? A hat? Nothing? COMMENT 👇😋

You are beautiful. You are CONFIDENT. You are PERFECT how you are! You’ve got that Bald Girl Power ✊💖

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