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We are getting back into the swing of things over here! We'll miss these summer days. #backtoschool #backtowriting #authorsofinstagram

So much to say! So short a lifetime!

It all went down the hill the moment We took us for granted.
And i smile, yet, with an aching heart for all the could-haves and what-ifs.
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And once you find that person who just gets you and everything that you do, you’ll understand. You’ll finally comprehend why it didn’t work out with any other human being. Why something always went wrong. Why it always fell short.
You’ll finally understand that everything you went through, ultimately led you to this person. And that person is the inner you.
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Last day ! Fieldwork over!
We checked our last traps today...
From September to March. 7 months of hard work, beautiful sightings, gorgeous places and amazing people on the road!
Karoo, I will be back 😊😉! #thisistheend #lastfieldtrip #backtowriting #onedayagain #karoo

Is there a such thing as the end of the day, as a writer? Nah...but a selfie at the end of a character's day always feels good.

A therapeutic Sunday..immersing myself in watercolours & alphabets 😊Thanks @byjoeecheong for the basics in brush lettering! Will keep on practising back home!! #brushlettering #watercolor #art #backtowriting #finelettering

My beauty is defined by the rawness of my soul ✨#BackToWriting #BackToTheJourney #LifeWins

As darkness falls above the eastern skies, with dawning shadows ending heartache's woes.
Along the path wherein my future lies behind the setting sun a light yet glows.
The barren earth divides a vast expanse as shadows cast by dawn are left behind.
The glow of light in contrast to enhance the darkness of my perished love unkind.
The sun sets over deserts reddish hues, beyond the treeless plain, in hope I prance with new direction my belief renews.
To west I head without a backward glance.
What lies ahead beyond the nullabor, a dream of good to feel alive once more. 😊
Thank you Mauritius for being so sweet and for inspiring me❤
Missing you already! See you soon 😊
#backtowriting #mru #blissful #backtoreal #bestholidayever


We are getting back into the swing of things over here! We'll miss these summer days. #backtoschool #backtowriting #authorsofinstagram

Love creating an office in the park; writing meeting happening now and we're "Rising Strong" in the work! Are you Rising Strong today? Thanks @brenebrown ! ❤️️📚📝 #iamwriting #iamreading #writing #writinginthepark #bryantpark #writingmeeting #collaboration #partnership #happytuesday #writingtuesday #newbeginnings #backtowriting

Indeed they do 😍😍

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” -Matthew‬ ‭7:7-8‬ ‭

When we seek, ask, knock- He hears us and answers prayer. Maybe not always in the way we want or the way we thought things would work out, but He hears our prayers and knows what we need before we even ask. Yet, so often we have not because we ask not. I just keep realizing over and over how it's His grace that makes us right, makes us whole, redeems us, and in time of need, equips us and gives us strength.

“But before we can receive the blessing, we must rely on God’s infinite help. We must be willing to let go, surrendering completely to Him, and cease from our own wisdom, strength, and righteousness” -Streams in the Desert

Read more at the new post up on the Refined Heart blog: refinedheartliving.com/blog/

A therapeutic Sunday..immersing myself in watercolours & alphabets 😊Thanks @byjoeecheong for the basics in brush lettering! Will keep on practising back home!! #brushlettering #watercolor #art #backtowriting #finelettering

Hoje queria abrir a tua porta só mais uma vez. Gostava de entrar no teu mundo como fazia com a banalidade e inocência de quem acha que vai durar para sempre. Ias estar no sofá naquela posição que só podia correr mal a curto prazo, uma mão no chão, outra no peito, os pés a fazerem, ironicamente, braço de ferro com a mesinha da sala. Não ias dar por mim porque a televisão ia estar no máximo e a surdez minou-te a juventude. Sorririas com a surpresa de me ver tão perto, apesar do silêncio e discrição nunca me terem definido. Apoiavas o braço no chão e elevavas-te para o beijo rotineiro que nos elevava sempre. Jantaríamos enquanto me contavas como estavas cansado e eu te olhava nos olhos na serenidade de saberes que te compreendia e amparava. Provavelmente, acabaríamos contorcidos naquele maldito sofá, na posição mais desconfortável que dois seres humanos poderiam escolher, no melhor lugar onde poderia querer adormecer, aninhada a ti. Ia-te chamar baixinho quando o cansaço te vencesse e empurrar-te para a cama. Dar-me-ias um beijo na testa e seguirias à minha frente, cambaleante do sono, desperto para a necessidade de me teres contigo. E eu ia também. O dorme bem era seguido de mais um beijo ou dois. Às vezes três, porque tu eras assim. Depois fechavas os olhos. Uma mão no peito, outra na minha coxa. Via-te adormecer e adormecia a seguir na serenidade certa de que amanhã se iria repetir tudo outra vez. ❣️ #sóhoje #saudadeemportugues #onceinabluemoon #escrita #backtowriting #writeitaway #therapy #itsoktofeel #itiswhatitis #anxiety #ansiedade #anxietyfighter #depression #depressao #depressionrecocery #keepgoing #keepfighting

Neuro Dept.
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Let's get lost the way we used to get lost in one another's eyes. Take my hand.

Can I have these few moments back?
Imagine running through a field
With you at my back
Laughing at the way you make me feel
A little too beautiful
Bring me back the seconds when I could look
Into your eyes
Get lost in your eyes
Smile into your eyes

Thank you @josh_captures for letting me take up some of your precious film!

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How great you are Father ❤️

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