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Heading back home .
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Hoy se rueda 🌧🎬🌧
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By @i.am.mjn 19 days ago today I met Steve & his dog! Every day I would bring him a coffee and offer to cut his hair and beard. He refused countless times as he said he didn't want to trust strangers. He became homeless due to witnessing a horrific crime he didn't want to discuss and having to leave that area for the safety of himself and his family. Steve has sat outside my barbers every hour of every day, other than time walking his dog, saving money's given and networking with passers-by to find accommodation and work. Tonight he will be in a proper bed in the house he has managed to get and Tomorrow he starts his first day at work. All without any help from the local authority simply by asking every person that stopped to give him the time of day. I had to have him looking sharp by giving him some old trainers and a jacket so he looked the part when he wasn't working!! ✂️💈
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Thank you yang sudah nonton @1nserttranstv tadi siang bersama aku dan @rianibram ♥️ #1nserttranstv #jakartalife #tvhost #backtowork #presenter

Quando il #backtowork si fa intenso, un weekend di relax è ciò a cui si anela di più. Ma quando ti arriva un invito galante è subito panico da ricrescita! Da oggi grazie a @testanerait e al suo innovativo spray, è possibile coprire la ricrescita in pochi istanti. Un prodotto rivoluzionario che non può mancare nel vostro angolo beauty. Del resto la vera bellezza è sempre nei dettagli 😉

Video by @imjhonnytv & @edoardosantoro 📽

When the #backtowork became harder, all you wanna do is having a weekend of relax. And when it comes a romantic date, it is panic for hiding the roots. But thanks to @testanerait is it possible to cover them in few minutes. A must to have in your beauty corner 😉

#Testanera #RitoccoRicrescita #carolinaogliaro #ad #whatcarolinaloves #theworldc #haircare #beauty

Contenta porque hoy comenzamos en @pegatealmediodia 🙏🏼🙂
Estaremos impactando distintas familias semanalmente llevando alegría y ayudando en lo que podamos para normalizar la vida de los puertorriqueños que necesitan nuestra mano🙌🏻
Además de las visitas con suministros a los distintos pueblos como parte de la iniciativa #WapaContigo ❤️
Juntos daremos la batalla...y ganaremos💪🏻❤️
#losbuenossomosmas #PuertoRico #GoodVibesOnly #backtowork

I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I am done. After all the volume. Set after set after set of 105kg/231lb 1 pull 2 clean and 1 jerk to finishing the week 2 of my process. Thankfully!. I'm getting to recovery from my 2 week vacation after the Asian game. And now all the soreness and struggled have been going through lately.#backtowork.🙌🏽🏋🏽‍♀️❤️


Baby listen ! I'm done talking I'm really about to start laughing at a lot of folks out her with these bad weaves, no edges , 1968 haircuts and styles (especially haircuts and color)! I promised I wouldn't say nothing but I had to 😩😩😩! #backtowork #stillcoloring #stilldoingwhatilove

Kalo pasanganmu sepenuh hati dia tidak akan pernah menuntut lebih kecuali berjuang bersama-sama🎯

Happy Friday! It was Twin day at @alhudaedu and a lot of our students participated! Check out their style!

Yay! I love delivery day! I pushed this month's order through early so I could get some items from the new Holiday Catalog before they sell out. And lemme tell ya...that Einkorn Granola Set is amazing (and so is the price)! The bowls are really nice, big, and sturdy. I couldn't wait to taste the granola, so I ripped that bad boy open and took a handful. YUM! I seriously could eat the whole bag.

But the real star this month is Release. I've been wanting to try it for so long and finally jumped on it. I immediately put it in my diffuser because it smells AH-mazing! This heavenly little bottle supports emotional health, helping to purge out the bad gunk. Since this was my first week back to work after 8 weeks maternity leave, I'm using this tonight to help me unwind.

#younglivingessentialoils #littledropsofwellness #holidays #release #relaxed #maternityleave #backtowork #yleo #workingmom

A veces, el ambiente de la oficina es MUY estresante. 😊

After months of plateauing at 6 miles, finally pushed myself to the coveted 8 miles. not a marathon distance, but I feel #accomplished and #Inspired to keep training and improving. #BackToWork #HealthLifestyle #Runner #FitnessJourney #KeepPushing

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