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Greece, you are truly a magical place, so sad this is my last day being able to explore you ☹️ #smile #travel #greece #backtothegrindtomorrow

Goodbye Ireland! It's been a slice. Will miss the Irish family and all the yummy food (brown bread and the grass-fed butter 🤗) Canada here we come. #ireland🍀 #vacationdone😢😢 #backtothegrindtomorrow #stylishbump

Having that Sunday night Carte Blanche feeling. I could do with another week of vac 🙈😂 #backtothegrindtomorrow 🙇🏽‍♀️📚

Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful... Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable... 🖤💪🏻 #legspam #backtothegrindtomorrow

Spending my last day of #maternityleave with both of my sweet loves! #TheAceAndTheDeuce Bubba wasn't too enthused with mommy at this point! But we had a good day watching the planes, eating cookies and spending time with G.G. and G.Pop! I'm so thankful and blessed to have the time with them I did. #BackToTheGrindTomorrow #IWontCry #OkayIProbablyWill


We're having a wee break from it all today and just enjoying what's on our doorstep. #houserenovation #cottage #scottishborders #mydogmaude #autumn #weneedabreak #backtothegrindtomorrow

Not quite a #latte but def hit the spot

Sometimes your body forces you to slow down. Sometimes you need to take an extra rest day. Sometimes the baby keeps you up until 4am, just to have another child come crying because they had a bad dream. Before you know it you've only slept for 1️⃣ hour in the last 24 hours because it's all of sudden time to get up and get everyone ready for school. Sometimes #momlife isn't glamorous. It can be exhausting and sometimes overwhelming but I wouldn't trade it for the world. ❤️ Today taking care of myself looks like taking a step back, snuggling the poor teething, taking a nap and just taking time to really rest. #teethingbaby #upallnight #mostnightsarenotlikethis #mamaof4 #restday #backtothegrindtomorrow

This right here is a face of relief, a face that says I can finally rest just a little bit. For everyone that doesn't know I took my test today, the test that says I know what I'm doing well enough to prove that I know what I'm doing next month. I get my results next week and I feel pretty confident about it now (I didn't earlier but after going over my notes in the car afterward I felt better lol ) :) i am do happy that I can now finally take a break and just relax for a minute:) #finallydone #test #itsover #rest #relaxation #alittlerandr #backtothegrindtomorrow #thankstoeveryonewhohelpedme

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