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The dry one, the wet one, and what their lid would look like if men let women build warriors out of clay #backtobacktour

Cleveland! Tonight at 8pm, Ohio Playhouse Theater for #BackToBackTour.

Scenes from Madison #BackToBackTour

Didn't get their names but these two sweeties stood in line for at least an hour to take a photo only to realize their phone was dead. So we used my phone. Here ya go! #BackToBackTour

Scenes from Pontiac and Detroit, MI. The Crofoot tonight at 8pm! #BackToBackTour

Sea u tonight in Providence RI for the FINAL STOP of the #BackToBackTour

Thanks Madison! Back home to Los Angeles, tomorrow. #BackToBackTour

I GOT TO MEET MY 4th and 5th MOMS. #backtobacktour @cameronesposito @rheabutcher



All of my disposable income goes toward supporting lady duos. @dopequeenpheebs and @ilanusglazer with #yqy tonight, @teganandsara with #theconxtour on Friday and @cameronesposito and @rheabutcher (not pictured) with #backtobacktour. I am LIVING.

Getting ready for the comics last night #columbustheater #backtobacktour #gayestaudience

I just spent like twenty minutes writing a really heartfelt post about all the people I met while touring 20 cities in 29 days with my wife and then it was erased somehow? Kinda fitting. I can’t replicate what I wrote and lost but thank you to every single person I met in the last month. I only hope I can do something to repay you all. #BackToBackTour

Laughter is healing. #queeroes #backtobacktour

Last show of the #BackToBackTour in Providence.

Amazing show! @cameronesposito @rheabutcher killed it tonight and were a pleasure to meet. Thank you so much for a great show and a kickass night #cameronesposito #rheabutcher #comdey #gold #backtobacktour

Such an amazing show seeing @cameronesposito and @rheabutcher last night! πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚ #standup #backtobacktour #comedy #wilburtheatre #weekendadventures #laughedsohardilostabuttononmyflannel

Sea u tonight in Providence RI for the FINAL STOP of the #BackToBackTour

You guys. Last night, @lindsayplease and I saw these two spectacularly hilarious humans at their comedy show. What a fricken night! To be able to go someplace and see people who look like you and tell jokes and stories that resonate with your experience in this world is a really powerful thing. I'd argue that some people take that for granted...thanks for the laughs @rheabutcher and @cameronesposito! It was so nice to meet you both, thanks for being who you are for our community and helping us all laugh trough this crazy world. You're the best! Now go watch their show "Take My Wife" and listen to their podcast @pyhtshow , and Cameron's @queerycast cause it's so dang important and also super funny of course. Thanks, wives! #lgbtqiaplus #visibility #comedians #backtobacktour #wives

PROVIDENCE RI! Absolute last stop on the #BackToBackTour.

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