Marat, you pearl of the south. Let's have a good time tonight, OK? #tiedtoabear #backtobacktour #willievernotfeeltired

What else do you do on a 75° day in Houston? #BackToBackTour #GoStros

🎵I got a really big team
and they need some real big rings🎵 #Astros #BackToBackTour

It’s that time boys and girls! #BackToBackTour starts today! #NeverSettle #OOTD 📸: @missssy15

Baseball is back tomorrow. All is right in the world. #BackToBackTour #GoStros #NeverSettle

Right after @teamcjcorrea hit a grand slam today at #MMP ready for Opening Day!!! #NeverSettle #BackToBackTour - @tylerjfrye

They are the World Champs for two more days. #BackToBackTour #NeverSettle #GoStros @astrosbaseball

This weekend, I took a bus to Boston to get a chance to see my favorite comedians, Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito. Oh, was it worth it.

And shout-out to my awesome cousin who took my word for it and came with me 👌

#alwaysthebananashirt #backtobacktour #queeros

Three months ago, I met @rheabutcher and @cameronesposito and asked them to write these words for me. Today I (finally) got them tattooed on my arm. They represent my journey to sobriety, and a reminder to myself to keep breathing. Thank you, Rhea and Cameron. You are both such heroes to me. •

#cameronesposito #rheabutcher #takemywife #backtobacktour

Big shout out to the gal who gave us these at our #BackToBackTour show in Chicago. She was in town from Rochester for an event for women in construction & trades.

#tbt to when I was Super Excited to meet two of my #queeroes in the flesh, feat. @cameronesposito 's weirdly double jointed hand (and matchy leather jackets!!) #backtobacktour

Wearing my favorite t-shirt today! Complete with a photobomb by Fiona. lol #catsofinstagram #furbaby #backtobacktour @cameronesposito @rheabutcher

All of my disposable income goes toward supporting lady duos. @dopequeenpheebs and @ilanusglazer with #yqy tonight, @teganandsara with #theconxtour on Friday and @cameronesposito and @rheabutcher (not pictured) with #backtobacktour. I am LIVING.

Put your hands together, put your hands together - amazing show from Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher - the best part of a week that included indictments so you know they were awesome #comedy #takemywife #backtobacktour #cameronesposito #rheabutcher #comedians

Amazingly hilarious show last night put on by @cameronesposito and @rheabutcher ! And pretty cool me and @omgitssheryl got to meet them after 🙂🙂#backtobacktour

I just spent like twenty minutes writing a really heartfelt post about all the people I met while touring 20 cities in 29 days with my wife and then it was erased somehow? Kinda fitting. I can’t replicate what I wrote and lost but thank you to every single person I met in the last month. I only hope I can do something to repay you all. #BackToBackTour

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