@naturally7 killing it at @pearlstreetlive ...and said goodbye to a veteran member and introduced the newest member 😜 One of my college homies! 👏🏾 (See if you can spot him 8 on stage) They are in concert in Annapolis Tuesday May 22 #naturally7 #acapella #livemusic #washingtondc #dctour #dcwharf #backstagepass



5月26日 大阪



#perfectgift #buffalobobs #bass #backstagepass #LIVE

Going to be joined in studio tonight by these two lovely gentlemen from @rocketshipchaser ❣️ Talking all this Aussie music from 6pm on @89.7fm

No words 🌈♥️🦄☂️💎🌟 Blown away by the beyond beautiful support and love experienced in Seattle. With all my heart, THANK YOU ✨
Big gratitude to @nebularumour & the crew of cosplay cuties who joined me onstage 🍬🍭🍬 Y’all made it magical, mystical and more extra than I could have dreamed of ☁️🌈😻🌈☁️ #tempestsings #backstagepass

Thank you @vice and especially @missroseneditions for publishing this story about my band when I was a teenager ! Such an honor #backstagepass#1977#punk

Out now on @Vice many thanks @missroseneditions and to Vice for publishing this piece on us and giving us the opportunity to tell our story! #backstagepass#punk#1970’s

Last week was a huge show!! And I’ve got an even bigger one tonight!! 💕 Tune in from 6pm to @89.7fm

Its not everyday you get the chance to truly inprove someone elses health and life all together.

To me, I know I am blessed to be able to lead and work with some amazing people who value their lives and want to work at being better.
When greeted with this opportunity 2.5 years ago I was unsure. And honestly, I still have days where I'm unsure of myself. I wasnt at my goal weight, and guess what...im still not there yet either. I thought it was all about outside appearance but quickly learned it wasn't. Being a health and wellness coach is all about what lies on the inside. The heart that pushes you through the journey. The drive behind it that makes you want to help others when they're possibly at their worst.

I may have jumped in for all the wrong reasons, but eventually I learned all the right reasons of why I wanted to do this! Helping others through times of hardship, helping them through encouragement, teaching them the tools to live a happier and healthier lifestyle is what its all about when you're a health and wellness coach!

Another major perk of this so called "job" is the financial aspect. Whether you're looking to pay off a little debt, work part time while holding down a full time job, working the business full time, making enough money to pay for groceries for the week or even to just get your own goodies at a discounted price, theres an option for LITERALLY everyone!! I've seen coaches retire from full time nursing jobs to help others and get paid to do it!! Amazing! This opportunity has something for YOU!
Tomorrow evening my team will be hosting an exclusive BACKSTAGE PASS and look into a day in the life of just what it is a health and wellness coach really does!! Im looking for anyone interested in bettering their own health as well as others! I'd love to share what is out there for YOU!! COMMENT BELOW with a GIF and I'll send you a link! No strings attached❤❤❤❤ #backstagepass #introintocoaching #teamwork #discount #loveyourselfandothers

We loved spending time today with some of the crew from @hillsongyoungandfree! Thank you so much @alexander.pappas and @reneesieff for stopping by and sharing all about your new single #LetGo! #BackstagePass

This box was labeled by Ross “DLR b’stage”. It seems everyone was having fun! Here’s a tame picture of Billy Sheehan with a guest. David Lee Roth played September 26, and 27, 1986 at Cobo Arena #davidleeroth #eatemandsmile #dlr #backstage #backstagepass #billysheehan #1986 #80sfashion #party #80sparty #guessjeans #pinstripes

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean its not there #backday #backattack #backinbusiness #backtobasics #backtothefuture #backstagepass #backitup

Swipe for Details 👉🏽
What are YOU up to this bank holiday weekend? We’ll be in backstage or in the VIP Village @wearefstvl - and we have a whole host of exclusive packages for you to join us there!
We can arrange totally bespoke VIP tickets to suit your group, your budget and your needs.
Get in touch and we’ll make sure the drinks are on ice and ready - it’s gonna be scorching! ☀️ 😎 🥂
- - - - - -

!!!!!!UPDATED!!!!!! About to do ‘clean’ for 8 minutes. This is my ‘clean’ face... Let’s hope it lasts 🤨
21:00 I’ve just finished and mouthed ‘sucky-sucky’ once, said 1 ‘ass’, 2 ‘shits, and ‘race’. I think I got away with it. .
. .
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