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Zaman ne kadar hizlisin😢😢😢 #tbt #alpikom #küçükaşkım #halo #backisbest

Going camping up north on Lake Superior for 10 days. Trying to figure out how to keep a 13 month old warm at night-- here's our solution. One old sleeping bag, a hospital sleep sack, and Chastity's seamstress skills.
Finally putting #backisbest to good use 😂

Guess who slept from 9pm last night to 10 am this morning, only waking up 3 times to nurse then right back to sleep (although Daddy's alarm clock did make us a little fussy this morning but back to sleep we went)! Mommy *finally* got some good sleep! Bedtime routines really do make a difference! 🙌🏼😴 #happymama #hayesmarshallreece #halosleepsack #backisbest

We take #backisbest sleeping very seriously around here. 😂 #baldspot #magmags

Emerson has decided that he likes to sleep on his tummy...which drives Anthony and I crazy because as we've heard a kabillion times, "Back is best". We lay him on his back and seconds later he returns to his cozy spot, on his tummy. I've about given up.

When I went in today, I found him with his tiny butt in the air, binkie in hand and I just had to smile. ❤He's too cute.

My little #chirokid knows what's up! #backISbest for kiddos and adults. We are just hanging at the office again. He has done amazingly this morning! #HenryADay #HenryBear #halosleepsack

😇😭😍 #sweetest #nightynight #sleepsack #backisbest 💗💗💗


Gorgeous new Lenny Lamb Swaddle blankets are up for pre-order!
#shopsmall #babyboutique #lennylamb #lennylambblankets #swaddle #backisbest

💖♥️💖♥️💖 #LML ♥️💖♥️💖♥️

Crib training - day 2.
This is one of the hardest parts of having a baby IMO. At 7 months, it's time to get her transitioned into her room. I'm going about it in a step-by-step way, because when she cries I can't think clearly and resort to our routine, so a plan will be my backbone.
Step 1 was getting her to sleep independently in a bassinet across the room (she's usually in arms reach). It was actually really easy.
Step 2 began yesterday - all her naps will be in the crib. I snapped this photo for evidence, seeing this feels incredibly rewarding. I did this!
Today went overwhelmingly MUCH better than yesterday, I got her super tired & full, played her white noise music, then rubbed her back and she was asleep in minutes!
I try to visit her nursery throughout the day and play in it and mold it as "a good place, a safe place" for her, so she doesn't freak out when I lay her down. I haven't felt ready to transition her over to her nursery until now, and her pediatrician recommended she stay in our room for the first 6 months, so I suppose the timing is natural. It's bittersweet, but part of parenthood 💜 #7monthsold #cribtraining #lifewithababy #backisbest #untilshehasapreference #sleepingbeauty

Watching the neighbor's little ones for a bit because that's what the mom/coach's wife tribe is all about. But the real question here is doesn't the mom in this book know "back is best"???? 😉 #momtribe #coachswifelife #neighborjackpot #backisbest #ccmbtakeovertuesday #ccmb #takeovertuesday #citymomsblog #momlife #corpuschristi #southtexas #coastalbend

Madeline may not be a fan of her swaddle but I love her new swaddle blanket design! #backisbest #madeline #HaloSwaddle

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