Posture pose
3 Serious Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Posture: •Improper posture puts you at greater risk for back pain, slipped discs, tightness in your chest, and poor blood circulation. •Correcting your posture can greatly decrease back, shoulder, and neck pain. •Studies have shown good posture reduces stress, hormones, improves digestion, breathing, mental clarity, and overall image.
Always be gentle and do only what feels comfortable for your personal abilities. If this pose is too strenuous try a modified version.
Step 1: Lie down on your stomach with your face down, forehead touching the floor.
Step 2: Extend your legs straight behind you, hip-width apart. Press your weight evenly across the tops of both feet.
Step 3: Gently lift the front part of your body with your head up. Do this slowly, and only lift as high as is comfortable.
Step 4: Inhale and raise your head to look forward. On your exhale, lift your chest and arms. Keep your arms alongside your body with your palms facing down. Lift your upper spine and reach your arms back toward your feet.
Step 5: Use your thigh muscles to lift your legs up toward the ceiling. Your weight should rest on your lower ribs, belly, and pelvis. Hold this pose for 10 seconds up to one minute depending on your ability.
Repeat 5-10 times. Start small and gradually increase the length and repetitions each day as you feel comfortable. This exercise will strengthen your back, core, and leg muscles which will help to greatly improve your posture. -
Full flexibility programs available in my bio👍.
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We are reaching there slowly but definitely. Have patience, it's not one ngt show :) #backFix

8 ασκήσεις διατάσεων για να απαλλαγείτε από τον πόνο στην πλάτη!

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Does your back strain when training your abs like this?!
***Swipe right to see CORRECT form.***

Do you perform lower ab movements like these and experience pulling on your lower back?.

Well I can assure you that, this should not be happening! .

I am addressing this because it is a commonly used excercise and done incorrectly. Like I stated in the video, if your hips drop back while on the ground or hanging, this will pull from your Psoas first. In time with more use this will cause lower back and hip soreness/stiffness and even injury.

Every core exercise you MUST engage top to bottom at all times!! Learning this my be difficult and depending on your restrictions you might not be able to perform without compensating.

If you have trouble with this or need more info on how help fix your compensations, shoot me a DM or comment below saying "fix me".

A little home practice fixing the boyfriends back 💪🏼 with some fire 🔥 cupping - even in this heat wave 😅

Text neck or forward head is a sign of bad posture and usually occurs later in life as a result of the strain put on the body over time.
However, due to advancements in technology and children playing on their phones and game consoles, it is increasingly being seen in children.

Here at Fit Performance run kids lifting classes for children aged 6-16, to help teach young people the correct movement patterns and strengthen any weaknesses.

For more information send us a message

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Middle of the day discomfort in ur lower Back?.

Give this stretch a shot and let me know if it helps!!

TIP: Be sure to lean in your hips and play around with how high your elbow is. This might determine if you are able to stretch the area properly or not.

>>>>DO YOU HAVE LOW BACK PAIN???<<<<< After several years of coaching all different types of clients, we couldn't help but notice how many of them had lower back pain or lower back injuries.

Our lives today involve WAY too much sitting down and it's only natural to relax and end up slouching. But after thousands of hours of doing that, you are bound to start getting that frustrating pain in your lower back.

Don't let that get in the way of training and getting fit!
Coach Hannes has worked with some of the best in the business (shout out to @lowbackfix and @drtheresalarson!) and has developed the perfect program to combat back pain.

Hannes has helped many people in dubai to remove pain and get them back and exercising they way they want to. There's no other program like it out there, but don't take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say: ‘ For the first time in months I am now able to run 10km without pain, thank you Hannes!’ ‘The LBF program is absolutely perfect. The steady progression feels very safe and jet it is very challenging. Just because it’s a back rehab program doesn’t mean it has to be an easy workout. I appreciate the flexibility of the program as you know how often I need to travel or work late. "

I want to share an experience I had. This past Saturday I hurt my back coughing. It felt like someone stabbed me with a knife. How could someone who trains his body multiple times a day be taken down with a single cough? Once I got over the initial emotional reaction I had to figure out what to do. This is where the learning experience I want to share comes from. I couldn’t sit, bend over or even use the toilet 🚽 without severe pain. So here is what I did which allowed me to make what most would deem a miraculous recover and complete #murph less than 48 hours later. Don’t know what murph is. Look it up and you will know why this was so important
1) I figured out what I could do with little to no pain. Pain is graded on a 0-10 scale with 0 being no pain and 10 excruciating. I try to keep the pain below a 3 when starting to move. For me it was standing or lying flat on my back so I stood because doing nothing would make things worse. The longer I stood the better I felt. I stood for about 7 hours straight. The longer I stood the better I felt.
2) Slowly I added movement. As things loosened up I moved through pain free range of motion. I regularly moved my hips legs and trunk just to the edge of pain. Each time I tried to move a little further. For example I start with 1/10 of a squat and by the end of the day I could squat nearly all the way down.
3) Soft tissue work. Once I got some movement going I did pain free soft tissue work (ie. Foam rolling). 4) Corrective Exercise. When I felt up to it I started doing exercises for my hips, back, and core. Things like monster walks and glute bridges.
By the end of the day I had regained about 85% of my mobility back. Which is much better than even I expected.
5) Consistency...keep moving. I immediately repeated the process through the next couple of days.
The point of the story is that instead of following the old guidelines of resting until pain goes away we need to get moving as soon as possible. Also we need to listen to our bodies because it will tell us what’s ok and what’s not. #amoskeagstrong #physicaltherapy #crossfit #backfix #backpain #motionislotion

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