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And before you could say hello, I knew you were someone I wanted to know 🎈#babyyears

You know when you have babies your life is a hurricane of "what day is it" mixed with "did I put new underwear on today?" My experience with twins in the first year felt more like being a functioning alcoholic. I did the things moms are supposed to (I think) and I took lots of pictures of Boston and Teagan but I remember very little of the details. It's like my memory is images rather than videos. Weird. Going through pictures and I found this sweet little picture of Teagan. I have no clue where or when. It made me feel like maybe I missed this sweet moment and I should have appreciated them as babies more but I remembered how hard those days were. Glad to have this picture of her smiling. Maybe it was a good year for her. Babies are hard. If you're a mom with a little one my best advice is just to keep taking pictures. You can edit and post them in 7 more years. #throwbackthursday #babyyears

Естественно день рождения ребёнка это еще и праздник женщины, которая 9 месяцев носила его, берегла, рожала, кормила 😏 ну вы поняли - мать была в ударе 👀😄🥂#littleti_one #oneyear #babyyears #mamasita

"The thing about love is, if you do it right, you never have to hit the ground."
#throwback #babyyears #santacruz

She was catching shower water with her tongue out last night. Where has my baby gone? 😭 #babyyears

زیباترین لبخندها ،لبخند کودکی است.
از صمیم قلب وشادمانه.بی ریا .
نابِ نابِ ناب!!
دنیای کودکی خالص ترین وسلامت ترین لحظات زندگی است.
چه زود تمام می شود این لحظات…
ولی هرگز از خاطره مان نمی رود.
بخندید تا کودکان شاد در بدنهای سالم برای زندگی باشید…
#babyyears #calm

Throwback Thursday to when we started! .
#tbt #throwbackthursday #atlcoffeetrike #babyyears

If you're a soon to be parent or the parent of a 0-2 year old don't miss out on this fantastic, one-stop-shop event with our friends @brainwavetrust You will learn all about the tricky things like eating, sleeping, and brain development. For more information visit our Facebook page #babyyears


And before you could say hello, I knew you were someone I wanted to know 🎈#babyyears

How adorable are my godsisters? 👭 #tb #babyyears

Star talks to the trolls on the bag I gave her for her first birthday! #star #yeartwo #trolls #babyyears #talking #myniece

Such a lovely October day for walk.
#october #poikani #babyyears #motherandson #yellow #lokakuu #suomi

'Why post this?' I know you're thinking. Because my littlest - my baby - is 15 today. FIFTEEN. How did that happen when only yesterday he was wearing baby vests? I can still remember that new baby smell (I knew he'd be my last so I spent hours with my nose buried in his neck) and now it's all about the delicate aroma of rugby boots and teenage boy bedrooms... I'm going to say this yet again you lucky, lucky people with little ones - stop and enjoy the quiet times. They aren't little for long enough #overemotional #wheredidmybabygo

Thank god for grandmas😍 They keep all that stuff people call junk as soon as you grow out of them to be able to remind you where you came from when your older and life seems to be moving at light speed! She gave me my baby blanket and mug and who knew they’d mean so very much to me one day? Grandma knew. #thankyou #grandmaknowsbest #notashamed #littleme #babyyears #ilovethatwoman #myhero #priceless #preciousmoments

Son 1 adet foto çekim battaniyesi
25 TL

#babyfoto #foto #çekmek #babysmile #babyyears #indirimde #cekilisvar #cekilis

Me dressed up and dressed down💜

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