Baby bump. The accessory that goes with you everywhere to hold in each and every photo. 🤰🏻👶🏻🌙 #babymoon
Our Portland Babymoon blog is live! Click the link in my bio or swipe up in my stories. Writing this post game me all the feels and we really did have the most magical time. I knew I’d like Portland but I had no idea that I’d love it. Eat where we ate and stay where we stayed, you won’t regret it. 🤤🍕✈️ #babyplotnikinportland #whatrobineatsfortwo

because we’re missing Portland and our babymoon blog is going live at 6pm tonight. it’s gunna be tiiiiight. 🤘🏻👶🏻🌙 #babyplotnikinportland

Portland stole a pizza my heart. 🙃🍕#babymoon

Cannot believe it’s been a week since Joel and I left Portland. We’ve been talking about our trip daily and how could we not? Look at this piece of pizza! Dreams are made by pizza slices like this. 🤤🙏🏻 #pizzaparty

Working on a “Babymoon Eats” Portland blog post for y’all! For now make sure to check out our favorite spots on #babyplotnikinportland and my Portland highlights. Now who’s flying to @sizzlepie for me to get me this slice? 🤔🍕✈️ #whatrobineatsfortwo

When I bought this jumpsuit from @anthropologie last year I remember thinking “I could wear this when I’m pregnant”. *Cue one year later* 8 months pregnant and this bad boy still fits. 🤓✨🤰🏻#whatrobineatsfortwo #babyplotnikinportland

I’ll be dreaming of this tonight. 😴🍩✨ #cocodonuts #babyplotnikinportland

Couldn’t leave Portland without one last carrot cake donut. 🤓🍩✨ @cocodonuts #cocodonuts
I’m proud to say we ate our way through all the coordinates of Portland. You can catch our eats on my highlights but who’d like a blog post? Was thinking about a recap of all the places we ate, drank, and relaxed. We’re so ready to be home with our kitty! Oh and yellow nails was definitely the right choice for Portland. 👫💓✈️ #babyplotnikinportland #babymoon #whatrobineatsfortwo

Babymoon number one (out of who knows how many 😉) in the books. Ready for our last day of eating and drinking all the -decaf- coffee. 👫🍩☕️ #babyplotnikinportland
Any travel plans in your future? I highly recommend staying in an @acehotel. This is 100% not sponsored, we truly fell in love with the @acehotelportland and wish we could stay forever. 😭🛸💓 #acehotel #babymoon #whatrobineatsfortwo

Is it possible that we’ve been having too much fun? 😱✨🍕 #babymoon #babyplotnikinportland #whatrobineatsfortwo

This is my kind of pie. 🤤🤘🏻🍕 #sizzlepie

Coming to the end of day two and we’re already missing Portland. Is that possible and do you think @sizzlepie delivers to LA? 🤔✈️🔥 #pizza

On our plates:
For me- “Cops and Robbers” vegan slice and the “Rabbit” salad with vegan ranch.
For Joel- “Mad Men” meat slice and the “Caligula” salad with vegan caesar dressing. He also got the -not pictured- “Bandit” veggie slice. Missed day one of our Portland trip? I made a Portland Babymoon highlight! Everything’s there for ya. Now, who wants some pizza?! 😵🍕 #babyplotnikinportland #babymoon #whatrobineatsfortwo

30 weeks today! Oh yeah, we’re in Portland. 🤓🐥🌼 #babyplotnikinportland #babymoon #30weekspregnant #whatrobineatsfortwo

Day two is all about quality over quantity. 🤰🏻✨🍩 #bluestardonuts
If you want to see anything and everything a place has to offer, travel with me. 😅 On previous trips I’ve filled our schedules with everything a place has to offer. I made it a point this trip to stick to things we’re both really excited about (aka the places y’all recommended to us!) and places we can relax. First stop @bluestardonuts, next stop Worlds Smallest Park. 😉🌱 #babymoon #babyplotnikinportland #whatrobineatsfortwo

You’re the Eb to my Bean. 🐻🍦#ebandbean

We were more than ready for @ebandbean frozen yogurt after a few biscuits and 13,000 steps. The salty pistachio and Mexican chocolate (both non-dairy) topped with crumbled vegan waffle cone gave me all the feels. Now where to go for dinner? 👶🏻🌙#babyplotnikinportland

Comment below what your meal of choice would be after froyo. We don’t dare skip dinner! 😁🙏🏻 #whatrobineatsfortwo .
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Checked in, changed my outfit, now off to breakfast. Have I mentioned we’re getting biscuits? 😁🤤🙏🏻 #babyplotnikinportland #whatrobineatsfortwo

Some may say it’s National Donut Day, but I say it’s National @fonuts Day. 🤤🍩✨#fonutsnotdonuts

Celebrating more than Fōnuts this morning because Joel’s officially done with the semester and has the day off! We’re spending the morning talking about our babymoon next week to Portland before heading to the gym. Still taking Portland recommendations so send them our way. All things food and sights with minimal walking. 😉😅🤰🏻 #babyplotnikinportland

Make sure to stop by @fonuts today to get your free mini with every purchase! Highly recommend trying the new Churro Fōnut, really wishing I would have gotten a regular size Churro but the GF Chocolate Hazelnut will do. Oh, I brought my own @ripplefoods vanilla half & half for my cold brew. 😍🍩⚡️ #nationaldonutday #whatrobineatsfortwo

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