Just adorable! Special occasion clothing! Little boys are soooo cute #babyphotoshoot #specialbabyclothes #littlelads

How lucky is this little girl?! Her big brothers just adore her - we had to take a bunch of different versions of these sibling photos so that they could all have a turn at holding her! What a gorgeous family huh?!

Genes are a funny thing. She is a copy of our grandma’s colors, blond and blue eyed, yet a copy of her uncle on her mommy’s side in her features.

Want to bite her little face

Maybe because she is my little niecypooh, she brought all the smiles to her sitter session and made me super proud.

Длброе утро!
Кто там меня про открытые глазки спрашивал? Делаю и такие фото🤗 Разве что это не возможно только супер спящим малышам😃

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